Wondering what a Bite Size Briefing is?

Our Bite Size Briefings are one of our most popular events and a great opportunity for the Expat Academy community to get together, be inspired, learn about the latest trends and gain industry insights from the Expat Academy team and technical Training Partners.

The full day sessions are always intellectually challenging and give you an opportunity to enhance and develop your specialist Global Mobility knowledge. There will always be lots of time for networking and you will have the chance to get any questions you might have answered, likelihood is if you have a query, want to know how to do something or need some advice, someone in the room will be able to help!

“An excellent day as always – this is the one organisation where I will always try and attend the events as they are so well run. Perfect amount of information, relevant topics, excellent speakers. Really like the targeted, technical topics Thank you!”  Beth Griffiths, Mott MacdonaldExpat Academy Wondering what a Bite Size Briefing is?

“The Bite Size Briefings are a great opportunity to find out what’s going on, what’s new and share with other people what’s happening in their industry. It’s the sharing part of Expat Academy that I find really valuable. Expat Academy come from an industry background so know exactly what topics we are interested in.”  Louise Worbey, Deloitte

Want to find out even more about our Bite Size Briefings and what you can expect from one, then click HERE to download a flyer and if your interested in attending click HERE to book your place – not a member, don’t worry, just contact TONY and he’ll be more than happy to let you know how you can get involved!

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