Why Trust Expat Academy? We have a Super Team!

The Expat academy team is made up of an eclectic mix of individuals. We have our Global Mobility specialists, who overall are extrovert by nature, and we also have our unsung heroes who make sure the Expat academy machine runs brilliantly. You’ll meet us all at our upcoming Global Workforce Colloquium Event on Monday 17th April 2023.

It’s about time we recognised publicly our backstage stalwart who support us and make it all happen. Drum roll please…

Sugi Thatcroos joined us just over a year ago as an Account Manager for the Symposium Network. Sugi works endlessly, making sure that every Symposium network member knows about our upcoming events and the Expat Academy Why Trust Expat Academy?  We have a Super Team!  value Expat Academy has to offer. Sugi supports our members with demonstrations of the Expat Academy portal and is Greg’s right-hand man. More recently he has been flexing his creative muscle to put into practice his artistic skills acquired through his fine art, media and photography qualifications. Sugi’s enthusiasm and willingness to learn has made him a vital member of the Expat academy team.

Astrid Hunton, has worked at Expat Academy, behind-the-scenes, for over four years. All the beautiful emails that you recExpat Academy Why Trust Expat Academy?  We have a Super Team!  eive into your inbox are created by Astrid. She also make sure that our website is up-to-date and delivering you quality content. More recently, Astrid has been focusing on our LinkedIn presence and she loves it when we have new followers to the Expat academy Limited company page. Astrid‘s key qualities are getting stuff done, being cheerful, and being 100% reliable – exactly the kind of team player that we all need and rely upon to make the Expat academy magic happen.

Rachel Expat Academy Why Trust Expat Academy?  We have a Super Team!  Mynott joined the Expat academy family as a virtual learning advisor for the MyGMPD Global Mobility Professional Development program a year ago. Rachel gently coaches all those on the myGMPD program to stretch themselves when choosing learning content, and more importantly to submit their learning logs to achieve those precious GMPD points. Rachel’s, precision, accuracy and attention to detail make her an invaluable part of the Expat academy team. Find out more about MyGMPD here.

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