Why Trust Expat Academy? Our Story

Expat Academy Why Trust Expat Academy? Our Story  Financial prudence has been an underlying principle of Expat Academy from its inception and it’s a value we carry with us today.

Co-founders Emma and James Holder have had pretty impressive careers, working for some of the most well-known muti-national organisations in the world but they didn’t get these roles through nepotism – it was through a combination of hard graft, timing and perhaps a sprinkling of natural charm 😉.  Both come from steady but humble beginnings and both live by the mantra “if you can’t afford it you don’t have it”.

This principle lead to the Expat Academy being born at the kitchen table. In the early days, they would camp out at coffee shops and work on projects around the clock juggling both family and work commitments. Today when asked the secret of their success one immediate response would be “we have never borrowed a penny”. Another might be “work hard, play hard”.

You can trust Expat Academy because they have never courted the funding of investors or spent what they don’t have.  In fact, our business bank manager has given up calling us. We don’t need a business loan, we know how to run a business and we are not afraid of making brave decisions.

Some of our team members – Sharon Thorpe and Tony Miller have been with us from the very start and they are undoubtedly the foundations that make Expat Academy so strong. They believed in us and have helped us build the incredible Expat Academy community.

Sharon is the most diplomatic, empathetic person we know and her ability to work with all our expert partners to ensure they love Expat Academy as much as our members is exceptional. Sharon and her army of experts deliver quality content to our members every day.

Tony is better known as the Legend. He is a one-of-a-kind Business Development Manager. His style is to support those considering Expat Academy membership and when the time is right, they always join us and are forever thankful to Tony for his gentle persistence.

Expat Academy have grown steadily over the last 12 years and we are so proud that we still have never borrowed a penny but instead have focussed our time, energy and resources on our people and everyone who makes up the Expat Academy community.

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