Why Trust Expat Academy? Because We Care

Expat Academy Why Trust Expat Academy? Because We Care

Over the years we have worked with the Venkat Trust, Bloodwise, St Mungo’s, and Care4Calais.

Here are some of our proudest moments:

  • 2013 we started our sponsorship of 3 children; Joseph Edwin, Nivethitha and Jeevan. We’re committed to funding their education until they have had enough!
  • 2014 we encouraged the Expat Academy community to bring their surplus company pens to events so we could ship them to India for the Venkat Trust schools.
  • 2017 we started to provide administrative support to the Venkat Trust funded by us.
  • 2018 We visited the sponsored children in Kovalam and took all our leftover conference goodies.
  • 2018 we started our annual tradition of wearing Christmas jumpers to our December Bite Size Briefing to raise money for St Mungo’s
  • 2019 we built a house for Joseph Edwin in India because his was so unsafe. This was helped by a healthy contribution from ERC (we helped them out with their Frankfurt conference and in return they donated our share of the profits to the project).
  • 2019 we started to support Care4Calais with clothes and cash donations.
  • 2022 we started to fund the salary of a full-time teacher for the Venkat Trust.
  • 2022 we bought a range of products from Elvis and Kresse – an incredible sustainability business making beautiful products from waste. Many of the Expat academy community heard their story at our annual conference and went home with an individual product.

Along the way we have also contributed to the Kovalam Flood appeal, taken part in the poppy run for the Royal British Legion, completed a sponsored walk for Mind and taken part in the Shine marathon.

This makes us feel all warm and fuzzy and with your support we are looking forward to supporting many more initiatives. Because we care.

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