What’s Cooking in the Club 100 World?

Expat Academy What’s Cooking in the Club 100 World?  Ingredients and Method.

Take a generous spoonful of Global Mobility questions, mix it with a dollop of technical expertise and then add in some zesty corporate updates.  Now sprinkle on some Expat Academy support and top with a networking drink (or two!).  And what do you get?  A perfectly formed Club 100 Huddle.

When we took the first bite into the Huddle last week, we discovered all sorts of flavours – some we recognise such as STBVs, Immigration, promoting the GM brand, policy work and lump sum frameworks.  There continues to be a slight aroma of Brexit in the background, with much talk about Europe post Brexit, but essentially still a waiting game.  The new and slightly overpowering taste of GDPR is very much on peoples’ lips, in some cases causing quite a severe allergic reaction!  More on this below…

As we delved into the rest of the day, the format was very much around table discussion and being led by our members and their hot topics.  Here’s how the day cooked up:

Take a Slice

Permits Foundation

Lyudmyla Davies, representing the Permits Foundation, very kindly came to talk to us about the work and aims of this organisation.  She talked to us about their quest to improve work permit regulations to make it easier for partners of assignees to work during an international assignment.  It was fantastic to hear about some of their successes throughout the EU as well as the USA, Asia and Latin America.  Also of great interest was the insights that Lyudmyla provided into their recent Brexit survey, particularly around eligibility for applications for permanent residency.


Various aspects of policy started the table discussions, with a request from a couple of our delegates drafting policies for the first time.  Luckily we have generous members and a brilliant Vault on hand!  This turned to a conversation on aligning policies to assignees from low cost countries and what to do when COLA is not enough.  Both on-the-job and technical input were shared with the notion of “position allowance” put to the room.


A blend of questions was raised from EU Posted Workers to specific experiences of allocation of certificates and Russian immigration issues. This was followed by a discussion on oversubscription for Tier 2 visas and the consequential salary cap and how this impact junior recruits.  As always, it was very useful to have our Network Sponsors with us, ready with their technical expertise and you can bet that there are other members experiencing the same headache, perhaps with an answer or some ready advice up their sleeve.  In one particular case, the mother of one of our Russian members proved to be quite helpful!


On the whole, despite this being a time consuming topic, our Club 100 members generally seem to be ready and prepared.  There was certainly lots of chat around the opportunity for data cleansing and purging, the need for consent and distinctions between controller vs processor.  The need for a robust process goes without saying, it being important to recognise your vendors and suppliers and understand where there are data hand-offs.

Corporate Updates

Scattered throughout the day were a set of extremely informative, varied and well received Corporate Updates.  Big thanks to Barry West at ITV, Debbie Ross at NATS, Mark Brooks at Ophir Energy and Vicky Hogan at Amey for being so willing. We loved getting a glimpse into your company structure and learning about your priorities, challenges and policy work.

Operational Issues

We can’t help ourselves when it comes to second, even third helpings of Business Travellers.  Just like our Symposium Network last week, our Club 100 members can’t get enough.  Again, there was a discussion around wonderful ways to track the data and find out who is going where, some using visitor passes, several using their travel booker and someone citing a company who installs a rice-sized GPS tracker in their employees’ thumbs (did we dream that bit?!).  We wish we could satisfy that craving for tracking and reporting information but somehow we know you will want more at the next Huddle in the Autumn.

Appetites were perhaps a little more appeased around a question on EAP usage – albeit the take up of this service seems to have dwindled – and a request for processes around overseas benefits and UK P11D prep – we love it when info is shared between members and new contacts made!


Taking advantage of the expertise in the room, we took one of our Benchmarking questions off line and conducted a quick straw poll.  It was interesting to see if and how companies offer specific mobility opportunities for developmental purposes for their high-potential professionals and lower levels of staff.  Watch this space, as we have an App soon coming which will manage this popular service.  Keep an eye out for an email with your login details……

Room for Afters?

Hopefully this blog has given you a flavour of what was discussed, but it can never really replace coming along in person to meet and discuss in depth the hot topics on your agenda. To reserve your place at the next Club 100 Huddle on 1st November 2018, click here. If you want to find out more please contact Tony.

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