What people say about Expat Academy …

Expat Academy What people say about Expat Academy ...  Hearing what the Expat Academy community has to say about membership and our training and events is far more powerful than anything we could tell you.  Read on to find out what our members have to say:

About membership

"You don’t realise until you join the Expat Academy how useful the forum is in terms of content and networking opportunities. From smaller peer sessions to the annual conference you are surrounded by like minded professionals dealing with the same topical GM issues!"

Bev Valley, DPR Constructioin 30th July 2018

"It’s great to share ideas and have a brainstorm with peers about what’s happening in the industry without any pressure. Hearing in practice how people get things done and what work arounds they’ve found is always useful."

Victoria Christofides, Thomson Reuters 30th July 2018

"Club 100 is like being part of a family. I feel that the group and facilitators listen and support without judgement, and offer solutions-focused support. It is also very reassuring to hear that we are not alone and that many others have had, at one time or another, similar experiences!"

Rebecca Prebble, XL Catlin 30th July 2018

"The Expat Academy has been a great help to me as a newbie to the world of Global Mobility. The Bite Size Briefings and Network Huddles are a very friendly and welcoming forum, and provide support and advice for mobility professionals with all levels of experience; and the training courses which are included in the membership have been invaluable!"

Lucie Dowrick, ITV 30th July 2018

"Expat Academy has been a valuable resource to our growing Global Mobility function. Not only has it supported us with its wide variety of reference material, it has also opened many doors with its variety of events enabling us to connect with GM/HR professionals and recommended service providers. Emma and the teams' quick and thorough responses to our various ad-hoc questions provides us with workable solutions in this complex yet exciting world of GM!"

Sarah Badawy, Orbium Consulting Ltd 9th April 2018

"Expat Academy is an extremely useful resource for GM professionals. It’s great to have the facility to pass questions across the network which members will respond to. There are lots of different networking and knowledge sharing events offering plenty of opportunity to discuss relevant topics which are important to you and your GM programme."

Wendy Maynard, IHG 9th April 2018

"Our Expat Academy membership has been invaluable in helping to update and refine our internal mobility policies. The benchmarking facility helps us to “sense check” our approach on specific issues very quickly and the process is always efficiently undertaken by the team. We are very pleased to be a part of the Club 100 Network!"

Suzette Vidal, MBDA Systems 9th April 2018

"The Expat Academy is a fantastic organisation whether you’ve worked in mobility for 10 days or 10 years. The Bite Size Briefings are a great way to stay updated on the industries latest trends and developments while the Vault is an invaluable source of all things policy and process-related. Everyone is so welcoming and willing to share the benefit of their experience and expertise; the network meetings feel like a coffee morning with friends! I can’t recommend this highly enough."

Jean-Claire Flanagan, ERM 9th April 2018

"Being a member of the Expat academy has been invaluable to our organisation. Not only has it enabled us to regularly network with a broad range of experienced mobility professionals, but it’s also given us access to crucial mobility information and data which we could not have sourced elsewhere."

Fedra Nicholls, Debenhams 28th March 2018

"I have been a member of the Expat Academy for a number of years and have always found it an invaluable source for information, assistance and networking in the global mobility field. Their events are a great opportunity to meet GM professionals from other industries and companies and I often use them as a sounding board for the ideas and work in my day to day job. Their training courses are a great resource for those new to the field and they are extremely proactive in helping you stay on top of quickly moving trends and compliance issues."

Ed Sides, Equinor 28th March 2018

"The resources that the Expat Academy provide to Global Mobility Professionals are invaluable from the Vault to the training courses and networking opportunities available."

Clare Eskriett, Linklaters 28th March 2018

About Supplier Training

"As a service provider, this is an excellent course to gain knowledge and refresh on the Global Mobility role. Trends and updates are always useful especially when hearing it from experts who are in contact with mobility specialists regularly. Having completed  the course I feel better equipped to talk to clients and will be able to use some things in our marketing. I would absolutely recommend this course to other GM service providers."

Karen Counterman, Room Service by Cort 30th July 2018

"Having attended this course I now have a better understanding of my clients and the role that they do. I would definitely recommend it to other immigration consultants in the Global Team."

Irene Boccardo, Newland Chase 30th July 2018

“This course  helped to grow my knowledge about the different policies which will really help me when dealing with my clients." 

Francesca Conidi, Topia 30th July 2018

"Attending the Global Mobility Policies course will benefit me personally and also my company as I have a greater understanding of Global Mobility and the daily processes. I would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues and other service providers."

Alastair Hunt, Santa Fe Relocation Services 30th July 2018

"The course gives you a greater appreciation for how complex the world of Global Mobility is. It will certainly help in the way we approach and engage with GM Managers. It was great and makes me even more determined to promote the value of some of the support services. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience!"

Teresa Wighton, BUPA 30th July 2018

"I feel as though I have gained a better understanding of Global Mobility and assignments as a whole. I think that I can engage better with our clients and discuss factors that may benefit the assignee such as duty of care, rather than just advising on tax implications. I would recommend the training to anyone starting out in an in-house Global Mobility role and for those that have no prior knowledge of Global Mobility or Expatriate Tax. I feel like I have gained a better overview of the assignment process and have a better understanding of assignees and their needs, rather than just focusing on the tax implications which I do on a daily basis."

Karim Lakehal, BDO 26th July 2018

"This training has increased my understanding of the in-house Global Mobility function and I feel more confident in approaching our clients and understanding how I can help them. I would recommend it to those in business development and account management who are new to the role as well as those who would like to have a refresher."

Sarah Norris, Sterling 9th April 2018

"The in-house Global Mobility Function course has given me a better understanding of the issues that Global Mobility managers must face and I now feel that I can approach them much more easily. I would recommend this course to anyone who deals with GM people on a day-to-day basis, specifically those working in sales."

Rob Carrick, Silverdoor 9th April 2018


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