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Expat Academy What people say about Expat Academy ...  Hearing what the Expat Academy community has to say about membership and our training and events is far more powerful than anything we could tell you.  Read on to find out what our members have to say:

Keeping up to date on current GM trends and issues is critical for a successful GM program. It ensures we can work in true partnership with the business, talent, and HR to add real value.

Lucy Chittenden, Aon 17th June 2019

It’s always valuable to keep on top of new trends but the networking part where you can share practices is also something I find incredibly useful.

Ariane de Wilde, Qinetiq 17th June 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed the huddle in London, I learnt so much and made some great notes. I’m relatively new to GM and I came away from the huddle feeling inspired and confident that I’m on the right track.

Hazel Liebscher, Cundall 22nd May 2019

No matter how well you think you have mobility covered someone in the room will have looked at it from an angle that you haven’t – sometimes, just sometimes, that fresh perspective is priceless. You can't ask for more than this. I’ve been to many networking events in my career and the level of sharing in this group is off the chart!

James Watts, DNV GL 15th May 2019

"I started working with Expat Academy in my role as Head of Global Mobility at Arup when I first came to the UK in 2015. I was amazed by the value of this membership. As well as offering the perfect networking platform and dozens of free training courses the membership gives access to their 'Vault' which contains every kind of policy template, assignment letter etc, ever written which you are free to use, copy and get inspired by. The team working at the Expat Academy have years of experience in different Global Mobility roles. I highly recommend a membership for you and your team. I started last year in a new role and immediately set up a new membership".

Mark Derksen, Booking.com 25th March 2019

Presenters at the Bite Size Briefing shared great insights and were actively providing advice whilst sharing their experiences. It was a good opportunity to network with professionals from the UK, especially on the topic of Brexit. I also appreciate the Expat Academy team who introduced me to other professionals at the event, it helped to break the ice!

Ara Samuelian, Nestle 25th March 2019

An ideal opportunity to look externally and gain insight into other organisation's GM agenda. To be able to bring business related challenges to discuss with like-minded people and professional experts is priceless.

Donna Casement, Nestle 22nd January 2019

An excellent opportunity to meet peers and keep up to date on topical issues relevant to the industry. The huddles are really informal and you are made to feel comfortable to add to the discussions and be involved.

Mel O'Hara, Tesco 22nd January 2019

"In one day I have learnt what I could have in shadowing for a month. I have come away with lots and lots of knowledge and the handout will be really useful."

Chloe Freedman, Brambles 4th September 2018

After every Expat Academy event I have been to, I have returned to the business with an idea or discussion point to raise internally with a view to improving or evolving our GM offering.

Gavin Cockburn, British American Tobacco 31st July 2018

Networking is hugely beneficial in Global Mobility so, coupled with topical updates, this is a fabulous forum to attend and focus on our needs.

Janice Wass, Leonardo MW 31st July 2018

"You don’t realise until you join the Expat Academy how useful the forum is in terms of content and networking opportunities. From smaller peer sessions to the annual conference you are surrounded by like minded professionals dealing with the same topical GM issues!"

Bev Valley, DPR Constructioin 30th July 2018

"The Expat Academy has been a great help to me as a newbie to the world of Global Mobility. The Bite Size Briefings and Network Huddles are a very friendly and welcoming forum, and provide support and advice for mobility professionals with all levels of experience; and the training courses which are included in the membership have been invaluable!"

Lucie Dowrick, ITV 30th July 2018

"As a service provider, this is an excellent course to gain knowledge and refresh on the Global Mobility role. Trends and updates are always useful especially when hearing it from experts who are in contact with mobility specialists regularly. Having completed  the course I feel better equipped to talk to clients and will be able to use some things in our marketing. I would absolutely recommend this course to other GM service providers."

Karen Counterman, Room Service by Cort 30th July 2018

"Having attended this course I now have a better understanding of my clients and the role that they do. I would definitely recommend it to other immigration consultants in the Global Team."

Irene Boccardo, Newland Chase 30th July 2018

“This course  helped to grow my knowledge about the different policies which will really help me when dealing with my clients." 

Francesca Conidi, Topia 30th July 2018

"Attending the Global Mobility Policies course will benefit me personally and also my company as I have a greater understanding of Global Mobility and the daily processes. I would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues and other service providers."

Alastair Hunt, Santa Fe Relocation Services 30th July 2018

"The course gives you a greater appreciation for how complex the world of Global Mobility is. It will certainly help in the way we approach and engage with GM Managers. It was great and makes me even more determined to promote the value of some of the support services. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience!"

Teresa Wighton, BUPA 30th July 2018

"I feel as though I have gained a better understanding of Global Mobility and assignments as a whole. I think that I can engage better with our clients and discuss factors that may benefit the assignee such as duty of care, rather than just advising on tax implications. I would recommend the training to anyone starting out in an in-house Global Mobility role and for those that have no prior knowledge of Global Mobility or Expatriate Tax. I feel like I have gained a better overview of the assignment process and have a better understanding of assignees and their needs, rather than just focusing on the tax implications which I do on a daily basis."

Karim Lakehal, BDO 26th July 2018

"This training has increased my understanding of the in-house Global Mobility function and I feel more confident in approaching our clients and understanding how I can help them. I would recommend it to those in business development and account management who are new to the role as well as those who would like to have a refresher."

Sarah Norris, Sterling 9th April 2018

"The in-house Global Mobility Function course has given me a better understanding of the issues that Global Mobility managers must face and I now feel that I can approach them much more easily. I would recommend this course to anyone who deals with GM people on a day-to-day basis, specifically those working in sales."

Rob Carrick, Silverdoor 9th April 2018


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