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It’s all well and good us telling you why you should join Expat Academy, but hearing what our members have to say is far more valuable.  Take a look at what the Expat Academy community has to say:

“Expat Academy come from an industry background, so they know exactly what topics we are interested in”.
Louise Worbey, Deloitte

“When I joined Arup as their Head of International Mobility, I joined a Global Heads network meeting organised by The Expat Academy. For me, this was an eye-opener from the start; a round table with peers interested and wrestling with the same issues as I do. Everyone was very open about their policies and tips were shot over the table back and forth. Emma and James have a world of IM knowledge under their hats and share this openly. Members of my team are able to join other meetings managed by Expat Academy and I always encourage them to do so. A large network and sparring with your peers from same, smaller and larger programs will make the difference to you as a professional and for the IM strategy of your firm.” Mark Derksen, Arup

The resources that the Expat Academy provide to Global Mobility Professionals are invaluable from the Vault to the training courses and networking opportunities available.” Clare Eskriett, Linklaters

Expat Academy What others say ...

“The Global Mobility Policies course has shown me the variety of different policies in the market, as well as advising about market norms. I will recommend this course to my colleagues. I have also come away with ways to improve and manage current procedures.” Caroline Woodcock, Travelport

“I have been a member of the Expat Academy for a number of years and have always found it an invaluable source for information, assistance and networking in the global mobility field. Their events are a great opportunity to meet GM professionals from other industries and companies and I often use them as a sounding board for the ideas and work in my day to day job. Their training courses are a great resource for those new to the field and they are extremely proactive in helping you stay on top of quickly moving trends and compliance issues.” Ed Sides, Statoil

“Being a member of the Expat academy has been invaluable to our organisation. Not only has it enabled us to regularly network with a broad range of experienced mobility professionals, but it’s also given us access to crucial mobility information and data which we could not have sourced elsewhere.” Fedra Nicholls, Debenhams

“The Vault is brilliant! Really useful to share with my team. I used the commuter policy template and adapted it as I needed something urgently.” Janice Wass, Leonardo MW

“The Expat Academy is a fantastic organisation whether you’ve worked in mobility for 10 days or 10 years. The Briefings are a great way to stay updated on the industry latest trends and developments while the Vault is an invaluable source of all things policy and process-related. Everyone is so welcoming and willing to share the benefit of their experience and expertise; the network meetings feel like a coffee morning with friends! I can’t recommend this highly enough.” Jean-Claire Flanagan, ERM

“Being part of the Expat Academy has so far been a fantastic experience! The networking opportunities are invaluable and I’ve met some great people; everyone is welcoming and open to share ideas and experiences. The events are frequent and well run, with informative presentations and interesting discussions. I would recommend Membership to anyone in a Global Mobility role!” Jess Bloomfield, Double Negative

“My company will benefit from The Essential Global Mobility course because I now have more consolidated knowledge that increases dynamism at work. Key information such as tax and immigration has been touched upon today. I would recommend this course not only to early Global Mobility starters but also to professionals that wish to refresh and update their knowledge. After completing this course, I feel happy that I attended. There was a good coverage of all the Global Mobility basics. I am looking forward to continue with the next course.” Jorge Capella, Deloitte

“The thing to really bear in mind about the Expat Academy is that it’s run by people who actually understand Global Mobility” Nick Jackson, Lloyds Register

“The Expat Academy Global Heads Network is completely unique and the membership provides both myself and my team with so much value. There is a real sense of collaboration and the Network huddles provide an excellent forum for discussing current challenges in the ever-changing world of Global Mobility. For me personally, being part of the Global Heads Network has been an excellent way to connect and network with the most senior professionals in our industry which has been invaluable and I thoroughly recommend being a member.” Leonie Baggott, Unilever

“Our Expat Academy membership has been invaluable in helping to update and refine our internal mobility policies. The Roundtable Benchmarking facility helps us to “sense check” our approach on specific issues very quickly and the process is always efficiently undertaken by the Team. We are very pleased to be a part of the Expat Academy Network!”
Suzette Vidal, MBDA

“Most fun and friendly industry event I have been to. Format is simple but perfect”. Stuart Ferguson, Deloitte

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