What’s hot and what’s not in the Club 100 world?

Expat Academy What's hot and what's not in the Club 100 world?
A packed room at the Club 100 Huddle – November 2018

The last Club 100 Huddle of the year provided us with some great insights into what you want to learn about next year and what you value from your Expat Academy membership. We’re already busy planning ahead for our next Huddle on 10 January 2019.

The day started with our guest speaker Helen Walton, Global Head of Mobility, AstraZeneca. Helen kindly provided us with an overview of how she approaches policy design and what she has learned during her career in Global Mobility, including how she manages frontier workers who are employed in one country but don’t actually live there.

Expat Academy What's hot and what's not in the Club 100 world?
Marian Lieb, Head of Global Mobility, Aspen Insurance

Following Helen was another guest speaker Marian Lieb, Head of Global Mobility, Aspen Insurance. Marian gave us an update on the GM programme at Aspen and reminded us that as Global Mobility professionals our purpose is to help and support the business. Even if the policy will not cover the cost of a certain provision for an assignee we should always still try to point them in the right direction for the help and assistance they need.

Those who attended the Huddle last week set the agenda for the day by submitting their hot topics prior to the event.  Interesting discussions took place on Core Flex Policies, Business Visitor compliance, posted worker directive and new tax and employment legislation across Europe and our old favourite pet relocation. As always, our network sponsors contributed to the success of the event by providing excellent input during the roundtable sessions and group discussions.

Our corporate update was provided by Chris Blair, Global Mobility Manager, Aviva for sharing with us how he is rethinking GM at Aviva. He has applied systems thinking and is seriously considering getting rid of policies altogether and replacing it with an employee needs assessment. Chris’ update provided us with lots of food for thought and led to some interesting table discussions!

The Expat Academy team asked those who attended whether they would like to know more about the state of the Global Mobility profession in general and if so what they wanted to know… we’ll be in touch with the next step on making this happen.

If you were inspired by those who gave us an update and would like to showcase something you’ve been working on – or you would just like to pick the brains of other GM professionals – then please do let us know and we can give you a 10 minute slot at the next Club 100 Huddle on 10 January 2019.  These are informal updates, no slides necessary.  We’re also aiming for your questions to form the bulk of the discussions on the day so nearer the time, do make sure to flood us with these.

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