What is Expat Academy Doing to be more Sustainability?

Expat Academy What is Expat Academy Doing to be more Sustainability?

The hot topic of sustainability has been increasingly on our minds at Expat Academy HQ. We run a variety of Expat Academy events throughout the year to help our members Learn, Connect and Share but it’s time we added to our mission statement… we want to be inclusive, collaborative with minimal impact on the planet. I’m thinking…

“Where Global Mobility Professionals Learn, Connect and Share in an environment that is inclusive and collaborative with minimal impact on the planet”.

This is what we have done so far but we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on what we could do even better:

  • Merchandise left over from our events is donated to local schools for children to play with or to sell in aid of a good cause. If we can save a parent from buying even one unnecessary toy that makes us feel proud
  • Leftover conference bags are donated to our local charity shop to use as carrier bags
  • Decommissioned computers and office equipment is donated to our local school to use in their home corner where little people play at being grown-ups (if only they knew)
  • All our event agendas are available on-line. We no longer print these on paper
  • After years of encouraging people to hand back plastic badges we’ve decided its time to stop using them altogether. We made some progress and recycled many but a simple sticker with your name and company on will save xxx% of carbon a year..
  • We are no longer printing Event Guides for our conferences. We will continue to have fantastic content provided as part of our events, but these will all be accessible on-line or via a smartphone
  • Pull up event banners will continue to be colourful and add sparkle to the events but they will no longer be event specific so we can use them time and time again
  • The food we provide is ethically sourced and we reconfirm attendees at all events to try and minimise wastage
  • We have reduced the number of live events we will be running to reduce our collective carbon footprint and to ensure we have a buzzing room of people when they do happen. Less sometimes is more! We’re complementing these live events with a plethora of virtual events to keep you connected in between your live catch ups
  • We have sourced conference prizes from our great friends Elvis and Kresse. What a story of people really making a difference and using all the waste we create each year
  • We plan conscious business trips. If we have to travel we make it count. We schedule necessary meetings around events to minimise the number of journeys we take
  • Where we can we use public transport.
  • We fly economy to take up less space in the air
  • We have committed to travel by Eurostar rather than flying to Europe from 2023 onwards as it saves 80% less Co2 emissions than flying

How you can help

  • Help save food wastage and tell us if you can’t make an event so we can amend our catering numbers. The UK throws away around 9.5 million tonnes of food waste in a single year – even though 8.4 million people in the UK are in food poverty.
  • Plan ahead – if you can tag one of our events on to other business meetings we encourage you to do this. Make the travel count.

We’ve started our journey and every step we take makes us proud.

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