What Global Mobility Did Next

Expat Academy What Global Mobility Did Next The theme of our fourth and final Club 100 Huddle of the year was all about next steps. Despite being in Lockdown 2, it has felt like a week of new beginnings for many reasons – the exciting promise of a coronavirus vaccine and the anticipation of a new US President.  So, is this also the start of something new for Global Mobility?

Jacqueline O’Rourke kicked off our look to the future by sharing the results of ECA’s recent survey.  Take a look at their article on How Covid-19 has affected global mobility to gain insight into the impact of the pandemic and the resulting changes to the way mobility teams operate. You can also consult their helpful October currency review to be best prepared when remunerating your international workforce. Thank you ECA!

After a two minute silence across the Network to mark Remembrance Day, Iain McCluskey from PwC joined us for a second time this week, along with his colleague, Jil Solanki. Iain and Jil tasked us to think about how we can potentially use recent events to look at how we resource work in our organisations in a more global way.  Now we know we can do things in a remote environment, let’s see if this gives us a new confidence in our roles as “enablers” to a globally agile workforce.

Remote working has been a massive topic this year and the basis of a brilliant corporate update from Barry “White” West at ITV.  We heard about the huge impact Covid-19 has had on ITV’s advertising revenue and productions. Barry talked about their approach to flexible working requests, more recently involving increased calls to work from a different location, and the criteria ITV have in place to deal with them.

Stuart Jackson from Sterling Lexicon gave us a breather from all things Covid and addressed the integration of shared services support into the GM function. Based on a number of conversations with clients, Stuart ran a quick poll to identify both positives and pitfalls and then moved on to look at ways of ensuring success.

We had a number of member questions dispersed throughout the day, offering an invaluable chance to engage with the experts and also to break out into small groups to share ideas and practical solutions with each other.  This opportunity is always highly rated by our Club 100 Network and it was wonderful to see engagement on subjects such as the return of displaced employees to their home location and educating UK/EU business travellers on upcoming Brexit changes.

A big thank you to today’s contributors and to our fabulous Network for your solidarity during these last few months.  We hope you agree that the connections and collaboration within this team have proved to be more important than ever.  We’ll be huddling virtually for a little while longer but simply cannot wait to ditch the PJs and see you in person soon!


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