What a blast off to the decade for Club 100 Huddle!

Expat Academy What a blast off to the decade for Club 100 Huddle! There was a buzz in the room at the first Club 100 Network Huddle of this decade, as the members focused on setting their objectives for 2020! The list of priorities included (in no particular order);

  • Data/Metrics – impact of GM on ROI
  • Posted Workers
  • Brexit
  • STBV Tracking
  • Payroll
  • Review of GM framework/policies
  • Internal Stakeholder Management
  • Climate Change
  • Crisis Management
  • Transformed GM (tech)

Sharing experiences, knowledge and know-how were key elements of the day. Unlocking those nuggets of information from peers and experts, to help overcome the GM challenges people are facing, was prevalent throughout the day. Members were forthcoming on what was (or was not) being implemented, how it was being implemented and why. Tracking tools and collecting data metrics were collective requirements for the group. Technology and how to track assignees and business travellers were hot challenges throughout a number of the sessions.

Mehibe and Carlijn from Newland Chase ensured that we are all on the same page with our understanding of Posted Workers Directive. They provided us with a comprehensive overview and practical business tips to consider and implement.

Thank you to Ruth for giving us an insight into Travelport and the GM challenges that she is dealing with.

In Brexit and Beyond, Iain McClusky gave us an update on what to expect in the forthcoming months of the Brexit transition period. Plus, Stuart and Iain jointly gave us insight into how to deal with crisis management when a black swan event happens, whether it be geological or warfare. This was particularly relevant with recent events in Hong Kong and Iran.

There were several thought-provoking table discussions allowing some blue-sky thinking on topics from ‘What data would you love to have and don’t have now’ to ‘Climate change and how GM could improve in this area’.

Whilst some in the room are already participating in GMPD, many are yet to sign up. So why not make it a new year’s resolution to participate and get GMPD accredited in 2020! What a great way to get recognised for the personal professional development you are already undertaking!

Confirm your place at the next Huddle 7th May 2020.

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