We think you’re amazing!

Expat Academy We think you're amazing!

Five years ago the Expat Academy team worked tirelessly to create the Expat Academy Vault – an online repository for all the tools, templates, checklists and toolkits a Global Mobility professional could ever want.

We trawled through stacks of policies, assignment letters and RFP documentation to make generic templates and we even created a library of paragraph variations so you can cut and paste what you need into your policies to tailor them to your exact business requirements.

We also pulled together glossaries, presentations and technical information for you to use to educate your colleagues on the complexities surrounding Global Mobility.

But, the power of the Vault was supercharged when our Members, Network Sponsors and Training Partners started to contribute to the Vault to create what is now an amazing resource at your fingertips.

Brilliant recent additions are:

  • 7 Questions LGBTQ Expats Must Ask Before Accepting an International Assignment
  • Foreign Tax Loan Agreement
  • Occupancy agreement assignees in rented property
  • Post repatriation survey
  • Core-Flex Checklist

So, we just want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who have contributed over the past 5 years. The Expat Academy Vault just keeps on getting better!

Emma & James

p.s. To learn more about the Vault or book an on-line tour with one of the Expat Academy team, contact us today: admin@expat-academy.com

p.p.s please do let us know if you are looking for something in particular and our team will do their very best to reach out to our wide network for you!

Expat Academy We think you're amazing!

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