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Expat Academy UKRAINE Latest Updates

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Here are the latest updates from our Expert Partners on the Ukraine crisis.

How are companies supporting assignees in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus?

ECA carried out a spot survey to establish exactly what actions organisations have been taking in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Expat Academy UKRAINE Latest Updates To see the findings and how ECA can help click HERE

Emergency GMS support – Ukraine and Russia – PwC

Expat Academy UKRAINE Latest Updates PwC is able to provide crisis support and mobility planning to support mobility professional to understand the impact on their people and ensure safety, business continuity and compliance. Download full details HERE 

Essential Checklists and Resources  – AIRES

Aires have pulled together a phenomenal set of resources, including a general update on Ukraine, recommended documents Expat Academy UKRAINE Latest Updates to take when fleeing – documents checklist, and country-specific resources for land travel for those escaping the war-zone, including vital phone numbers and email addresses. Read more HERE

Ukraine Family Scheme Opens – Magrath Sheldrick LLP

The Ukraine Family Scheme is now open to immediate, extended, and other family members. It is free to apply to and those issued with a visa will be able to live, work and study in the UK, with access to public funds. There Expat Academy UKRAINE Latest Updates is also no Immigration Health Surcharge to pay. The visa can last for up to three years. Download full details HERE

Ukraine crisis – How can organizations support employees?

As the difficult and heartbreaking situation in Ukraine continues to unfold, we set out below how employers have been reacting to provide various supports for their employees in the region, as well as some considerations for longer-term Expat Academy UKRAINE Latest Updates implications. Download full article HERE

Russia-Ukraine: Navigating an International Crisis

We are closely monitoring the crisis in Ukraine and are horrified by the events unfolding there. Our immediate focus is the safety and security of our colleagues and supporting clients. The human challenges are staggering, and the impact is likely to grow. Businesses must quickly adjust to manage a wide range of risks, from new cyber threats and supply chain disruptions to Expat Academy UKRAINE Latest Updates volatile investments. We are at your side. For insights from our experts to help you meet the challenges ahead click HERE

Hardship Scoring for Ukraine – AIRINC

Given the extraordinary circumstances, AIRINC is releasing a free off-quarter update to our hardship scoring for Ukraine as of Expat Academy UKRAINE Latest Updates Friday, March 4th in order to recognize the immensely volatile situation. Download full details HERE




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