Treasure inside the Vault

Your wish is our command

Expat Academy Treasure inside the Vault

The Expat Academy team work continuously to build content for the Expat Academy Vault. It’s an online repository for all the tools, templates, checklists, and resources a Global Mobility professional could ever want.

We’ve recently overhauled the Vault and polished up everything we have on offer so you can be sure it is up to date and ready to use.

In fact, we polished it so hard that we now have an Expat Academy Genie ready and waiting to grant your wishes. If you can’t find what you are looking for, let us know

Inside this treasure trove you will already find glossaries, presentations, and technical information for you to use to educate your colleague on the complexities surrounding Global Mobility. Not to mention hundreds of generic templates created from stacks of policies, guidelines, assignment letters and RFP documentation. You’ll even find a library of paragraph variations so you can cut and paste what you need to personalise to your exact business requirements. No more writers block for you!

The power of the Vault is also supercharged by contributions from our Members, Network Sponsors and Training Partners. So a huge THANK YOU to all of you who have contributed over the years. The Expat Academy Vault just keeps on getting better!

p.s. To learn more about the Vault or book an on-line tour with one of the Expat Academy team, contact us today:

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