The Secret Diary of a Global Mobility Manager – Monday Morning Madness

by Gina Tonic

Expat Academy The Secret Diary of a Global Mobility Manager - Monday Morning Madness Dear Diary,

I can’t quite believe we are into February already, where did January disappear to?!

This time of year does fill me with a small amount of dread as certain compliance deadlines are looming and we are busily collating data from a multitude of sources ready to go to our tax provider.  Will this be the year when we get all our US filings completed without the need for an extension to the filing date in April?  We can but hope, however it does seem that, even with timely reminders from the provider, assignees are not always responsive to tax filings. I agree, sometimes this is outside of their control, but I am sure in the majority of cases it is because other work (anything) is far more interesting than finalising a tax organiser! Which reminds me I need to focus east soon as APAC information submission deadlines to the provider are also looming up.  On top of all that, there are also tax equalisation calculations waiting to be finalised with hypo tax deductions following salary and bonus review and equity vesting processing via payroll.

Still wading through my inbox, I take a quick look at the initiations report for moves completed in January and exceptions coming through.  Looking good, APAC is by far the busiest region and thankfully outsourced to cope with the increased demand.  A welcome slowdown in other regions for January but I am sure it is temporary for the start of the year. I’ve learned over the years things don’t stay quiet for very long.

It feels this week that meetings are more planning in nature, in anticipation of the busy next few weeks of organised chaos! H1B Cap applications – which H1B CAP applications will we need to prepare for the US lottery and April deadline?  Do the employees and position qualify for an application?  How will we communicate to those we cannot proceed with?  What planning can we start now for next year for development perhaps to ensure the employee is in a different role which will put them in a stronger position for a future application?  Just some of the thoughts and tasks to be crossed off the list by the end of this week.  As I write, a new announcement to this years H1B process and future years is hot off the press and just landed in my inbox.

The email inbox clearance is interrupted by an instant message from a HR partner who had been advised an assignee in their region had suffered a minor injury, but all in hand and they had used the international healthcare coverage.  Nothing serious and covered by the policy.  Pheeew!  All is well when the planning and processes in place come together.  It’s a relief when such cases are a ‘FYI’ as opposed to a ‘Please Fix’. Back to my inbox where there’s an urgent email from HR for an assignment cost estimate to support a client project – one for the team to sort.

UK short term business traveller tracking, I think I will look at this next week to ensure we are on track for report submission in May.  Roll on the new changes to overseas employees of UK branches and days spent in the UK.  This will be one less task of payroll operation to complete.

One never knows in this field what each day will bring and, as I glance up at the clock, its already lunchtime!  Fingers crossed for a smooth but equally interesting week ahead.

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