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It was a pleasure to share our second Bite Size Briefing of 2017 with so many new faces. Thank you to our longer-serving members for making them feel so welcome and to BDO for looking after us all!  Last week’s event saw yet another full and varied agenda with some great take-aways:

Our dismal performance on Squire Patton Boggs’ employment law quiz just goes to show there is no real formula to the application of home vs host employment law! That said, there is a general rule of thumb which is that anyone working in Great Britain will have the protection of UK employment law. Anyone working outside Great Britain may have the protection of UK employment law if their connection with the UK is sufficiently strong. If in doubt then we should always minimise any risk to the business by consulting the experts!

The day and age of the internet has had a catastrophic effect on how we run our lives and conduct our business. BridgeStreet highlighted that technology has given GM professionals the flexibility to use on line booking platforms with the ability to book serviced accommodation in real time.  This helps save time, cuts costs and can lead to efficiencies in other areas such as compliance and security. Leave room for the human touch.

Neuroscience can help provide a different way of understanding the assignee experience. How can we make things less threatening and more rewarding? What can we do to reduce decision fatigue for assignees? Understanding the SCARF model can put behaviour into context and encourage us to adjust our interactions accordingly. A fascinating session from Plus Relocation and Cort, feel free to contact Des McKell directly for the full Neuroscience reading reference list that was mentioned.

With a useful definition of Artificial Intelligence under our belts, MoveAssist helped us to envisage how chatbots can be used to enhance services provided to the assignee. As long as there is robust information behind the chatbot then they can be helpful in fielding many of the repetitive questions asked of us and give us more time for thinking. Chatbots can also provide support to families in multi-languages, can be used for management reporting and for predictive analytics.

Potential tax implications of Brexit are emerging with A1 applications being issued until 31 March 2019 only and predicted increases in STBVs. Action in this regard is required for the 16/17 tax year. With an increasing expectation on employees to monitor and track their employees globally, BDO advise us to look at technological solutions which can be used for tax, payroll, immigration and general duty of care.

By combining best practices in the areas of expense management and payroll, you’ll have Frontierpay’s recipe to achieving a complete payments solution. Focus on operational processes, technology, resources, know-how and Treasury.

It is important to understand at what point and for how long employees can legally work and reside in a destination country and what the risks are in cases of non-compliance. Magrath advise GM professionals to get ready for Brexit implications for EU nationals living in the UK, with either potential applications for permanent residence or a residence card, depending on time spent here.

With only 20% of today’s expats being female and three times more men being offered expat posts, Learnlight helped us to question the reasons behind this imbalance.  They urged us to bust some of the myths out there such as women are more likely to decline an international role plus recognise facts such as 71% of women have expressed an interest in working overseas. We can start addressing the issue by having a better handle on diversity tracking.

To read more, click HERE to see the full presentations from the day, (you just need to login to access the Vault.)

If, you were able to make it, we hope you had a great day and we look forward to seeing you at the next one in December! If you can’t wait that long for the next Expat Academy event, there are plenty of other options between now and then, click HERE for a full calendar of events and let us know if you would like to book a place at one of our Network Huddles in June, Conference in October or something else!

All of our events are ‘members only’ – so if you’re NOT a member, get in touch to find out why you should and how you can get involved…

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