Symposium Network: 20/20 Vision

Expat Academy Symposium Network: 20/20 Vision

New year, new decade and perfect timing for the Symposium Network to “huddle” and share oodles of 2019 achievements plus objectives for the upcoming year – communications strategy, programme reviews, cost savings, offshoring, restructuring, talent management and finally Brexit, to name but a few wee projects.

Corporate updates enable us to take a more detailed look at the brilliant work of our members.  This time, big thanks go to Rachel at Imperial Tobacco for talking us through her proposals for policy modernisation and to Leane for sharing details of EY’s expense reimbursement programme and new Finance roll-out.

Four key topics were put forward for member discussion and Network Sponsor input – risk management of cross border working, transformation/technology, post-merger integration experiences and once more, GM’s role in managing sustainability.  With there being a ton of questions around cross border working in particular, there is clearly a widespread need for education.  A useful starting point is our very own Vault which contains an email template to the business and a potential addendum to contract for our members to borrow and steal!

A Huddle wouldn’t be a Huddle without the means to flex the agenda where member needs arise – as such, we were pleased to include impromptu questions around GECs, data needs and the very current topic of the Iran/Iraq crisis and potential considerations for Mobility teams.  Thank you PwC for facilitating this welcome session and also to Iain McCluskey for returning and sharing more invaluable thoughts on the post election and Brexit implications for GM.   It’s a good job we’re all well-rested as things are going to be busy….

See you at our Springtime Huddle on 29 April for the next session of brainstorming, networking and therapy.


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