Symposium Huddle January 2023

Who thought international remote work had been beaten to death as a subject? Who hoped international remote work had been beaten to death as a subject?! Nope, it’s not flushing away!

Louise Nicholls from Vialto got the room all worked up into a frenzy on that dreaded topic. Why is it still getting people chatting so much and asking so many questions? Because it’s the next phase and one very closely linked to the attraction and retention of talent. Companies are feeling the need to a) put a position or risk comfort level out there, or b) re-evaluate and benchmark their positions or risk comfort levels after a couple of years of requests.Expat Academy Symposium Huddle January 2023

Overall, a company’s message should be a positive and enabling one, and if Global Mobility teams have proven anything over the last few years, it’s that we really can be enablers! And if the world has shown Global Mobility anything in these uncertain times, it’s that we should not hide from these complex cases; we should grow the function!

Next up, Lyudmyla Davies from Vialto updated us on immigration; ETIAS, is coming at the end of 2023! More education to your business leaders, your HRBPs responsible for the teams frequently travelling, etc. Tech is catching up to the rules and this may be one reason we are hearing a lot in our networks about companies now implementing their international business travel tracking tools. Also, Governments across the globe are implementing or have implemented a digital nomad visa scheme; lots of chat on these in our network! It’s particularly interesting to hear what the EU is doing to address the talent shortage, with things like the EU Blue Card Directive. There’s been a lot going on in this space, basically. So, check out the slides on our Vault for more!Expat Academy Symposium Huddle January 2023

Our ‘Intention to Action: Small Steps’ challenges were something we were very excited to bring to the Huddles! Stretching attendees thinking and switching to the ‘can do’ mentality is something we strive to achieve and it was great witnessing that in front of our eyes. The feedback we’ve had from GMPD logs also confirms that people enjoyed only thinking of possibilities and opportunities in the areas of ESG and DE&I.

Mercer were up next for the Symposium, and it was incredibly informative to hear the expertise of Michael Grover and Kate Fitzpatrick in light of a cost-of-living crisis. It was fascinating to hear about the importance of not ‘baking in’ inflation and creating expectations for next year by giving huge increases this year. Of course, some do deserve huge increases (*cough* NHS *cough*), but you get the point. Equally impactful can be the non-salary financial help, such as retailer discounts on those must-buy items that are showing massive inflation.

When it comes to expats specifically, Global Mobility teams are well-versed now in dealing with crises! And it’s that knowledge of what the playbook is in such volatile times which has become key and more common. We have process in place for cost-of-living rises, inflation, exchange rate changes, plus experiences with countries like Argentina and Turkey where it’s been extreme before. It’s just that now, it’s not one or two countries; it’s everywhere!

After our wonderful corporate update and ‘hot potatoes’, it was once again time to let down our hair and have a little tipple to ease that guilty knowledge and network with new and old friends!

As always, such an enjoyable day!

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