The Secret Diary of Global Mobility Manager – Purr-sonal delivery

By Gina TonicExpat Academy The Secret Diary of Global Mobility Manager - Purr-sonal delivery

Dear Diary,

I would like to think that, given the amount of time I have worked in Global Mobility, I am more culturally aware of certain country nuances and can make adjustments to the support provided by our policy where necessary. However, this week provided a little of the unexpected!

Purrr-sonal delivery.

I had an assignee start an assignment in Vietnam and she had a cat to relocate from US to Vietnam. The cat arrived safely to Vietnam and after customs and quarantine, the pet relocation vendor informed the assignee her cat was ready to be delivered.

The assignee was extremely happy and waiting anxiously for her cat to arrive at her apartment. There was a knock at the door and as she opened it she was greeted by a rather solemn looking delivery driver. He told the assignee that the cat fell from the back of the………MOPED on the way there!

Feline emergency

Unbeknownst to me or the assignee, apparently for delivery of small items, mopeds are used instead of a van in Vietnam. The pet relocation vendor hot footed it down to the Vets, closely followed by the assignee, where it was discovered that the cat had broken a front limb!

The pet relocation vendor was mortified and apologized profusely to the assignee and to our local Global Mobility team. They covered all the vet fees and perhaps unsurprisingly, it was agreed that an invoice would not be sent to us for this particular relocation!

Note to self for the next vendor yearly review…. discuss more secure delivery arrangements for assignee’s pets upon arrival in the host location!!

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