Secret Diary of a Global Mobility Manager – Kazakhstan by August?

by Gina Tonic

Expat Academy Secret Diary of a Global Mobility Manager - Kazakhstan by August? Dear Diary,

Last week, my day started as all days normally do… a plan of work to get completed, a note of meetings to attend and especially as I now work at home, the thought I might get the washing outside as it was a nice day.

Ten minutes into the start of the day, I was emailed asking whether there would be any problem in moving a possible new resource from Dubai to Kazakhstan, oh and by the way, he is Indian but does have Kazakhstan citizenship so it should be easy. He wants to bring his family so his daughter can attend a school there. Oh, and this needs to happen by 01 August, its mid-June at this point!

Just a couple of issues….
  • We do not have an entity in Kazakhstan.
  • This will be a new employment, has anyone discussed his employment package?
  • Is he moving himself or is he expecting the Company to do it for him?
  • In case no-one had noticed we’re still dealing with a pandemic. What about Covid??

…….to name a few!

This came about because one Business Unit did not speak to another and the person requiring this employment happens to have no knowledge of GM/Tax/Social Security/Corporate Compliance issues or of employment law in Kazakhstan! At one point it was suggested the person could have an employment contract in the UK but stay in Dubai until such time as Covid is not a problem and also until an entity could be set up in Kazakhstan. Then the person could just swop to a Kazakhstan contract!

So many questions

Was the approval process followed? – no!

Does anyone know how to employ in Kazakhstan? – no!

Does anyone know how to set up an entity in Kazakhstan? – no!

Does the person who requires the employment (who is located in Canada by the way) even know where Kazakhstan is? – no!

Fortunately, the need for the person to be in Kazakhstan by 01 August removed many of the options.

The Global Mobility team jumped to and investigated any and all options that became apparent. A possible solution found was to employ him through a Personal Services Company and effectively use the prospective employee as a contractor to the Company. This has many positives – the Company does not have to set up an entity in Kazakhstan, the PSC covers all the employment law and payroll issues, the prospective employee can then move to Kazakhstan (so we fulfil his wishes) and the prospective employee could be employed by 01 August (if he manages to get into Kazakhstan by that date).

As a Kazakhstan national, he and his family will be allowed entry but will have to self-isolate for 10 days. A serviced apartment can be found through an agency who can also provide food supplies for the duration of the isolation.

The negatives

He is not an actual employee, the monthly cost for him is quite a bit higher as there are service fees to pay for him, the Company is not sure if he can travel on Company Business. The prospective employee cannot sign contracts on behalf of the Company.

Still, it was better than nothing!

Investigation into the arrangements needed to ship of all the family belongings are ongoing as I write.

Lessons of this tale
  • A joined-up approach between Talent Acquisition/Global Mobility/Resource Management/HR is a must!
  • A defined Approval Process is a must!
  • Infinite knowledge of international moves is a must!
  • Geography is quite a good idea too

I never did get the washing out that day either 😊

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