The Return Home: How Companies are Letting Expatriates down…

There is a contradiction in Global Mobility programmes around the world. More and more organisations are using international assignments as part of the essential developmental experience of valued talent; however, when the talent has gained the skills they lacked through an assignment,organisations end their relocation support. Post-assignment attrition is still growing: E&Y put it as high as 40% within two years of the return home. International experience is recognised as a key element of a leader’s CV, but it seems most organisations are preparing motivated, energised talent to return home and go to a competitor? Something needs to change.


Assignees returning home often have a number of challenges, many of which they are ill prepared for.

The Economist identifies some of the challenges facing returning assignees that lead them to consider looking for new jobs:

  • They have a lower standard of living in their home country than on assignment
  • The assignees and their families have gained a global perspective that can alienate them from their professional and social circles
  • Their role may offer less independence and less visibility


In addition to often fending for themselves during the repatriation process, assignees may also find the adjustment in their home office surprisingly difficult.  This is especially true if they have been abroad for a long time, and can be made yet worse if there was little or no communication with the home office during the assignment. To read more click HERE

Expat Academy The Return Home: How Companies are Letting Expatriates down...

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