Q4 Pulse Survey Results are in

Expat Academy Q4 Pulse Survey Results are in

This quarter’s pulse survey took a deeper look into service provider collaboration – one of the key themes that came out of our recent London conference #fitforfuture.

Discussions at our events this year have highlighted that many of our members would like more collaboration between their service providers as well as improved employee experience. We were intrigued to find out more. So, we asked our members to look into their crystal ball and, ensuring they were not bound by current organisational restrictions, we asked them how this might look.

The first question asked for:

Examples of where your service providers are currently collaborating on an ongoing basis and helping you in your role?

It was great to hear stories of collaboration well underway. Some members were receiving help from their tax provider to streamline their expenses system, payroll processes, data analysis and provide advice on global employment tax issues. Other members highlighted that their immigration partners were excellent at managing all the conversations and documentation. Some had great support from their RMCs offering solutions to problems rather than just turning to GM with problems. One member was even being mentored by a partner from one of the Big 4 tax firms.

The second question asked:

What do you wish your service providers did collaboratively, that they don’t do today, that would provide great value to your Global Mobility function?

The responses definitely held a common theme which was a general request for more proactivity. Respondents would like service providers to make suggestions or provide tools that would improve the assignee experience and alleviate some of the work of the Global Mobility Function. Other suggestions included:

  • they would love their tax provider to own the tax refund process, so the right amount was returned to the assignee and to the company.
  • they would like their service providers to staff their account with the right grade of staff, they’d like senior staff looking after VIPS and for providers to delegate more administrative work to junior members of the team to give better value for money.
  • Provision of a more joined up approach when setting up all the services required in a new location. For example, we’d really like our current tax providers to recommend other service providers in new locations where we don’t know where to start e.g. employment law contacts.
  • Consolidation of touch points where possible to provide a better candidate journey.
  • They wish their service providers understood the in-house Global Mobility role better and the pressure Global Mobility professionals are under. Thereby enabling service providers to come to the table with solutions rather than just the problems.
  • They want closer, common sense partnerships.
  • They would like their service providers to work closely with Global Mobility to manage expectations on turnaround times.
  • Thy would love to be provided with clear data analytics to assess service issues and current spend.

The final question asked:

What do you wish your service providers did collaboratively, that they don’t do today, that would improve the assignee experience?

The responses were rather varied and covered a number of different touch points within the assignment life cycle.

  • For tax providers to work more collaboratively so that an assignee does not have to provide the same data in the home and host locations.
  • For the younger generation, please provide assistance with flat / house share options
  • Greater empathy with the assignee so the they feel less remote
  • Greater support to the assignees in helping them complete the numerous forms required especially when the answer might be outside a standard situation.
  • Offer prompt responses to queries raised. Keep assignees updated on progress of their requests/move needs. Be proactive and offer a more personal service.
  • Provide more (free) information, handouts/tools to assignees to facilitate settling in and answering questions.

Thanks to all those that took part.

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