Q2 Pulse Survey Results are in

Expat Academy Q2 Pulse Survey Results are in In the third in our series of Pulse Surveys we asked one simple question to Global Mobility professionals – “If you were going on assignment and you could add one thing to the assignment policy, that would make you happy, what would that be?”

We had some answers you might expect to see and some answers that gave a fresh perspective. The absolute surprise was not one person said more money would make them happy! So, what would our Global Mobility professionals want to add if they themselves were sent on assignment?

Some wanted tweaks to current policies

Some limited their responses within the confines of current Global Mobility policies. The largest number of respondents wanted a more tailored approach to settling in. Some specifically wanted help with school search for their children whilst others wanted destination services to include setting up the home entirely (utilities, Wi-Fi, white goods etc). Language courses for children was also on the wish list. Interestingly, a low-cost option some suggested was simply additional annual leave to be allowed time to settle in.

Also, on the more traditional policy entitlements others said they would ask for partner support, whilst some wished to reinstate a pre-assignment trip so that they would be aware of the preparations they need to make before the move.

Increased home leave would make a number of respondents happy and this took various forms, either as flexible flights on a pre-paid credit card or even every month!

The widening of the definition of dependents was raised by some to either include parents, pets or even friends!

For others their home was important to them and the particular thing that would make them happy included a nice safe house, higher housing allowance, their home country house created in the host location or even as simple as a dressing room!

Other respondents started to branch out of the confines of the Global Mobility policies and stated that they would request a nanny allowance, personal driver, domestic help or a right-hand person to take away the stress on arrival enabling to be more effective in their new assignment role. One listed support for single parents whilst another would ask for flexible help with step daughters. Some preferred the idea of on demand help via either a 24/7 hotline or a bot.

Getting creative

Finally, some respondents truly excelled outside of the confines of the current Global Mobility policies and wished for such things as an in-cabin flight for their dog as they couldn’t bear the thought of them being put in the hold, every other Friday off so they could see and enjoy the host location, relocate the extended family, flexibility to customise the package in line with their needs, the ability to sign off their own exceptions and an entertainment consultant to organise fun outside of work!!

Thanks to all those that participated. Whilst some suggested additions may raise a few eyebrows if ever included in a Global Mobility policy, other suggestions go to show that the things that help assignees settle in the most don’t always cost huge sums in relation to the total cost of the assignment and may be worth a consideration to ensure a successful assignment.

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