Q1 Pulse Survey Results are in

Expat Academy Q1 Pulse Survey Results are in At the end of Q1 we sent out the second Expat Academy Pulse Survey to gather feedback on GM technology. It seems to be a hot topic that comes up again and again in our Huddle discussions.

Thank you to all those that fed back. Interestingly, just over a third of those surveyed said that they had a technology solution or were bringing one in. Meaning that just under two thirds confirmed that they just didn’t have the budget or had decided that technology was not necessary for the size of the assignee population.

For those who had, or were bringing in, technology solutions, 20% said they had fully integrated their assignment management tool with either their vendor or internal platforms. 40% said that had started and were working towards full integration whilst the remainder said they hadn’t, but plans were in place to start integration.

Perhaps surprisingly, for those who had, or were bringing in, technology solutions no one was providing the business with additional data to enhance their decisions regarding who they move. Although three quarters said they needed to do this, the remainder stated that the business had no interest in this data.

Another hot topic seen time and again is business travellers. It is interesting to see that just over 8% of those surveyed said they had a technology solution in place to track business travellers.

With the emergence of AI and Robotics in so much of our daily lives we were curious to find out whether it had crept into the world of Global Mobility. Although no-one surveyed said they had introduced it, 10% said plans were underway to introduce this. 40% said they definitely see how it would help them and the remainder said it was not a route they planned to go down.

Thanks to all those that took part.

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