Preparing for the Future of Global Mobility

Expat Academy Preparing for the Future of Global Mobility

At recent conferences and events we have been speaking about how you can augment your global mobility programme through the effective use of technology. By creating a robust technology infrastructure or ecosystem you can harness the combined resource and data available from the network of systems.

However, the first step to achieving this is in selecting the right global mobility technology solution for your business. There are a number of options in the market and no ‘right answer’. The first decision is whether you want to own your system or use the technology of one or more service providers.

The benefit of using a service provider such as a relocation management company (RMC) is that they already have the infrastructure in place and can have you up and running in a short time period. You get to utilise the benefits of their information and processes.

The benefit of purchasing your own system is that you have control over the design and content. You will be able to configure your policies and processes and have ownership of your data. The challenge will be getting your shop in order first.

It is important to consider what it is that you want from the technology – be that simple workforce tracking and cost estimates or more complex integrations and user access – and set yourself clear (SMART) objectives. We would encourage you to carry out a situation analysis of your existing programme to understand what works well and where you would like improvements.

It is likely that the introduction or upgrade of technology will result in changes to how you work. It may be that you decide to review your policies or benefits for this new environment. If that is the case, it is important that this is considered and ideally completed before you implement the technology to get the best from your system.

Not everything has to be done upfront. In our experience it is better to implement the technology just within the global mobility team at first to familiarise with the new ways of working and then expand its users into the business and vendor network – creating connections to enlarge your ecosystem and enhance your strategic value to the business through this augmented programme.

Developing a good working relationship with a technology provider is a crucial factor for achieving success. Opening an effective channel of communication during the implementation phase will not only help you to achieve your objectives now, but will also be beneficial for your ongoing support needs for years afterwards.

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