Policy (R)Evolution: Future-proofing Your Mobility Program

Expat Academy Policy (R)Evolution: Future-proofing Your Mobility Program Another Core/Flex Piece? 

Core/flex policy continues to make waves within the relocation industry—and for good reason! 

The injection of personal choice and flexibility into a mobility program is proving successful across a number of criteria, from talent acquisition and user satisfaction to cost containment and exception reductions. It’s no wonder this remains a hot topic for both relocation management companies and those building technology interfaces.  

While there are numerous resources that highlight the outward impacts of core/flex—many of which outline the compelling benefits and solid theory behind the approach—the key to success is a strong strategy for implementation and execution of this change in policy. The cautious Mobility leader will find themselves asking, “Is core/flex the right solution for my company? Is this a temporary trend? What is the next new trend?” 

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