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Here’s a summary of what’s covered:

1. Introduction and Navigation – Essential Global Mobility: A quick guide of how to navigate through Expat Academy’s online training. Learn hints and tips to zip through the modules seamlessly, how to listen to voice narrations and how to view the material on a mobile device.

2. Essential GM: What is Global Mobility?: Learn how Global Mobility has a language of it’s own. Global Mobility is more than expatriation and repatriation. It covers on-assignment activities and has huge potential to link with Talent. Global Mobility is extremely technical but also requires a skill set which is supportive and caring.

3. Essential GM – Tax: A beginners guide to the tax considerations when moving employees overseas. Covers income tax and social security·

4. Essential GM- Tax Equalisation: Covers the concept of tax equalisation, looks at the circumstances where tax equalisation may be used and uses worked examples to explain the numbers.

5. Essential GM – Immigration: Examines the generic immigration challenges faced by Global Mobility teams, rather than country specific issues. We will explore the key planning thought processes including host country requirements, dependants, advertising, documents, lead times and compliance.

6. Essential GM – Global Mobility Trends: A concise update on the latest trends and market practice. Includes hot topics, policy developments, operational trends, strategic trends and what’s the future.

7. Introduction & Navigation: Global Mobility Policies: An introduction to Essential Global Mobility Policy course which is broken down into 8 chapters followed by some case studies.

8. Designing your Policy: How to design a suite of Global Mobility policies for a diverse group of assignees. Covering the typical drivers for international assignments and how these impact Global Mobility Policy design, and the principles which may underpin your Global Mobility Policy.

9. Policy Stratification: Learn how to differentiate your GM policies and review a best practice model for Policy stratification.

10. Relocation Policy: Covers the key components of a relocation policy including what is typically provided such as pre-assignment trips, shipping, storage, flights, temporary accommodation, compliance, settling-in/orientation services, property maintenance, pets.

11. Home Based Policies: An introduction  to the “Home Based” Global Mobility policy including how a “Build up” package is calculated using worked example, what the “expat” typically receives and the pros and cons of this approach.

12. Expat Lite & Career Development Policies: Explore how the traditional home-based Global Mobility policy has evolved into more cost effective variations such as the Expat Lite and Career Development Policy types.

13. Host and Local Plus Policies: Looks at “Host Based” Global Mobility policies including when organisations adopt his approach, the common components of the Host Policy package, the impact it has on the employee and the employer.

14. STA & Commuter Policies: Explores the main components of STA and Commuter Policies and what issues to be aware of when moving employees on a short term basis.

15. Alternative Policies: Provides a snapshot of the latest policy developments that Expat Academy have been hearing about including changes to location allowances, the impact of zero-based budgeting, split family considerations, flexible working/working from home Policies and flexible/points based policies.

16. Policies Case Studies: Learn how to review  a person and role specification and apply knowledge of Global policies to advise the business on the advantages and disadvantages of each approach and recommend a solution.

17. Stakeholder Management: The ability to engage with a wide range of stakeholders has become an increasingly important competence in many roles. This intermediate level training module covers the essential frameworks and principles associated with effective stakeholder engagement for those working in Global Mobility.

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