GMPD and its Global Reach

Expat Academy GMPD and its Global Reach Here follows the second in our GMPD Believer series. Last time we heard how GMPD was the best tool at the right time for the newly restructured Aviva team.  Now we turn to the Unilever team and take a look at GMPD and its global reach.

In gathering thoughts and feedback, we chatted to GMPD members with varying levels of Global Mobility experience and at different stages of their GMPD journey in London, Rotterdam, South Africa and the Philippines – and that in itself tells us something remarkable.

For Emmarie, based in the Philippines, GMPD has given her the source of Global Mobility material that she has been searching for. She describes herself as someone who “loves learning for learning’s sake”, with a particular enjoyment of reading.  She may have previously perceived GMPD as being a tool for her London based colleagues but after registering and exploring GMPD, soon realised this not to be the case – and furthermore, is really proud of the accreditation that she has achieved in record time, with post nominals being used on day one!  Even before the current travel restrictions, Emmarie could generally not get to events beyond Hong Kong and Singapore and thought APAC live events may be her only path to learning.  However, by using this lockdown to get to grips with GMPD, her eyes have been opened to all that GMPD is able to offer virtually – not just learning but also networking.

In terms of specifics, Emmarie has been able to use GMPD content to help towards particular projects, such as the policy review team she is part of.  Articles on home based policies and core flex approaches have helped her in her job in practical terms.  She is inspired by and searches for content from certain Subject Matter Experts, often data driven or white papers in the LGBT space.

Heading 12,000km west to South Africa, Hlengiwe is just starting out on her GMPD journey and is wanting to use the programme to build on her technical expertise, specifically in the areas of tax and immigration.  A similar distance North to Rotterdam takes us to Lynne, who has many years’ experience and learns most from Expat Academy’s events, dropping other engagements to get to them! For her team, she sees GMPD to be a tool which enables them to upskill their knowledge. This enables them to help others and can be confidence building knowing that they know something that perhaps someone else doesn’t!

Meantime, across the water in London, Candice has been appreciating MyGMPD for the choice of learning that it presents.  Being not so much a reader, she is more inclined to listen to recordings. She likes how GMPD enables you to search on a particular subject, Covid for instance, and has been impressed at the amount of information available.  When time is tight, Candice finds GMPD to offer a flexible and convenient way of learning. You can slot GMPD around any spare hours that you have.

Participation in GMPD has rocketed in recent weeks, with registered learners showing activity from 17 different countries.  The value of virtual learning is greater than ever, with the GMPD programme demonstrating an inclusive and far reaching method of learning for global teams. Expat Academy GMPD and its Global Reach

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