MyGMPD: A Welcome Resource during Furlough and Leaves of Absence

Expat Academy MyGMPD: A Welcome Resource during Furlough and Leaves of Absence Unsurprisingly, these past few months have seen the Global Mobility industry build on their pre-existing partnerships and collaboration to find new and creative ways of connecting and helping each other.  With many of our in-house colleagues and technical partners finding themselves furloughed or out of work, we’ve wanted to do our bit at MyGMPD to provide motivation, focus and a way of keeping our friends involved and informed. Upon hearing the good news that furloughed employees are able to engage in training, we could think of no better gift than an offer to join the GMPD programme.  We are thrilled that so many accepted this golden opportunity, and it has honestly been as rewarding to us and it has been to them to see so many reach accreditation in record time! Amongst these superstars, we spoke with Alexis K, Chris D and Telma A.

For Alexis, her new job was paused before it had even begun.  When chatting to her, Alexis does not seem to dwell on this set-back but instead, quickly rolled up her sleeves. She has been using her unexpected free time to unbelievably great effect and that is as a bedside buddy for the NHS ICU.  It, therefore, came as no real surprise to see Alexis tackle MyGMPD with equal drive and commitment. So quick was Alexis’ journey to accreditation that she made it look easy!  In fact, when looking at how Alexis has used the programme, there have been no short-cuts or easy routes taken. Alexis used to work in Immigration, so by this, she could have potentially focused on an area that she already knows and secured her learning points with one eye shut. Instead, Alexis has seen MyGMPD as an opportunity to improve her skillset and explore different aspects of Global Mobility. Her first comment about the programme is how current she has found it.  Naturally, there is plenty of up to date material on Covid-19 and she has been interested in some of the emerging thoughts on virtual assignments in particular.  She has pushed herself towards new topics such as domestic moves and has enjoyed pieces on India which has got her thinking about cultural differences and Global Mobility’s role in managing this aspect of an assignment.  Alexis has mixed up the way in which she learns, whether that’s reading or webinars and has really loved the flexibility that MyGMPD offers in this regard. The “bite size bits of information” have worked well for Alexis as it makes her learning do-able in between her volunteering, keeping an eye on the job market and undoubtedly snatching sleep at funny times in between. Looking forwards, Alexis intends to use her new accreditation as a way of demonstrating in interview her initiative and desire to stay fresh.  Whatever job Alexis finds herself in, she feels the qualification and knowledge she has acquired has given her a broader awareness of the GM umbrella and this can only add to her credibility and appeal.  With drive and empathy like this, I’d want an Alexis on my team any day.

Chris’ time for learning also varies and like Alexis, he finds that he can flex MyGMPD around the spare hours that he has got. Chris is on a “three weeks on, three weeks off” work arrangement so his “off weeks” have been his development time.  Chris has found MyGMPD to be a perfect “one-stop shop” for Global Mobility intel and helping him to “make sense of what’s going on” broadly speaking. Having been in the industry for a couple of years, there are areas in which he doesn’t operate so MyGMPD has enabled him to fill these knowledge gaps.  The online training modules which make up the “Essential Global Mobility” course got a shout-out from Chris as offering a brilliant foundation and indeed, if you are new to GM then it is a must-have.  He feels the jargon busters and glossaries which form part of this course are a “god-send” and can help with anxieties when acronymns are so common-place and confusing! Chris was also guided by the “road-map” recommended by his Learning Coach – with a complex and growing amount of content on the GMPD website, it can sometimes help to receive a pointer or two.  Having experienced the programme first-hand, Chris intends to keep revisiting it when he wants to brush up skills and knowledge again or check in on what’s new. He whole-heartedly recommends MyGMPD to all who have been on furlough or maternity leave and want to refresh their knowledge. Likewise, when he becomes Team Leader himself, he intends to point his team towards MyGMPD’s resources. From a user-perspective, Chris highlighted a couple of features – namely, the website graphics which he felt could aid visual learners and also the learning logs which he sees as a real positive for ensuring learners don’t just click their way through the content but truly understand it.  Wishing you well Chris on your Team Leader pathway!

With a slightly different circumstance again, Telma A is out of work and interviewing.  Like Alexis and Chris, Telma has encouraging thoughts about the visibility and exposure that MyGMPD and her resulting accreditation have given her.  From her CV, prospective employers are able to see that Telma has recently done something constructive with her time and has been busy developing her skills.  She describes her involvement with MyGMPD as a “win win”, in that the programme has helped her to stay up to date with Global Mobility challenges and trends and she has gained something for herself in the process in the form of letters after her name.  Just as the others have said, MyGMPD has enabled Telma to stay connected with Global Mobility and I can certainly vouch for seeing Telma’s face on a number of virtual events!  Telma has enjoyed the opportunity to see what other companies are doing, what solutions they are identifying and like many, the chance to stay abreast of the constant changes in the tax and immigration space – whether that’s tax and social security concessions, travel restrictions or visa updates.  Away from the operational learning content, Telma has also appreciated some of the more strategic content and she too picks out the future of virtual assignments as being an example. Now that she has the GMPD accreditation under her belt, Telma intends to keep accumulating learning points and is enjoying the regular Expat Academy round-ups for their overview of what’s going on in Global Mobility.  We’re pleased to see your post-nominals on your LinkedIn profile Telma and fingers crossed for your next chapter!

It’s been an absolute pleasure having many of our furloughed and out of work friends join the GMPD programme, embrace the opportunity and do something worthwhile for themselves and their careers. Good luck all!


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