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MyGMPD is an exciting, first-of-its kind professional development programme and sister company to Expat Academy. It is designed to help Global Mobility professionals continuously improve their technical skills and specialist knowledge and leads to accreditation and recognition as a leading GM professional

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  • Individual support via a Learning Coach, providing handpicked learning content.
  • 40 GMPD points per year leads to accreditation and eligibility to use the post-nominals “GMPD”.
  • Development paths, acting as an integral part of the individual PDP process.
  • Flexible learning options – the learner decides what, when and how to study.
  • Virtual training materials across blended formats, including webinars, articles and thought leadership technical content.
  • Relevant, diverse and current material, enabling just-in-time learning.
  • Access to the insights and knowledge of Subject Matter Experts.
  • Topical learning groups which are ‘live’ training opportunities where members can interact with peers/SME’s to learn.
  • Access to the GMPD Learning Hub to log learning and earn GMPD points.
  • Helps build professional skills and confidence.
  • Opens eyes to new subjects and facilitates career progression.

Membership Feedback

Expat Academy MyGMPD - Old

As Global Mobility evolves, we must tackle new obstacles and adapt our mindset to think more broadly and innovatively. This for me is where MyGMPD comes into its own as it provides Global Mobility professionals with the platform and resources required to stay on top of these changes, while also delivering a professional accreditation at the end of it.

Will Scrupps, Imperial Brands 21st February 2024

Expat Academy MyGMPD - Old

I’ve studied on the GMPD programme for a number of years now and have found it a valuable tool to keep my global mobility knowledge up to date and relevant for the current age. I love the variety of subjects that I can choose to look at, some are purely personal and others are relevant to my day job. It’s also nice in a very busy environment to take time out for myself and my GM journey so I put aside some time once a week to do just that and choose a relevant subject.

Caroline Woodcock, Natwest 21st February 2024

Expat Academy MyGMPD - Old

The Learning pathways allow Equus employees to accelerate their platform learning, following both core (required) and suggested content tailored to our most relevant and pertinent topics with the business. We like to think of it as a tailored springboard, taking into account previous GM experience and sector knowledge

Ben Love, Equus 21st February 2024

Expat Academy MyGMPD - Old

As someone who is a recent convert to Global Mobility, I can confidently say that that the GMPD program has exceeded all of my expectations and provided an excellent source of information and massively helped me develop as a Global Mobility professional. The extensive and diverse range of training materials and forums for discussion have been hugely helpful to my professional development and are both interesting and insightful in nature. I wholeheartedly recommend GMPD to anyone seeking to develop their technical understanding and professional capabilities within this fast-moving field!

Gareth Vaughan, Grant Thornton 11th October 2023

Expat Academy MyGMPD - Old

I describe MyGMPD as a very enriching experience as this program has documents, webinars and material that is very useful for acquiring knowledge on Global Mobility topics. In addition, I would like to highlight that this program has the latest news that occur globally in the Global Mobility sphere and its different associated matters. I also highlight the role of my Virtual Learning Advisor from whom I received suggestions for trainings to take to be able to reach my 40 points. I highly recommend getting certified as a GMPD!

Daniella Angulo Pineres, Nokia 6th February 2023

Expat Academy MyGMPD - Old

I had a client meeting this morning on exactly this topic, and I am so glad I read this article beforehand. It made for some great thought provoking discussions and made my client think about things she needs to review internally. I felt confident speaking on the impact of Covid as we recover and emerge in new ways, and I felt credible in the topic. Some nice short, sharp areas for me to easily remember for future client discussions.

Suzie Provan, Santa Fe Relocation 15th June 2022

Expat Academy MyGMPD - Old

MyGMPD is truly amazing and helpful platform. Being relatively new to the Global Mobility, all the materials, articles, webinars really help me firstly reconfirm the basic understanding I already have, reassure me I am on the right track, but also learn so many more new things, benefit from other companies’ and countries’ experience, and keep on top of the latest trends. It is great to know that time and effort I put in my personal development will be recognized and rewarded. The GMPD team is extremely helpful and attentive, which puts me at ease to ask questions or help.

Petya Pavlova, ERM 7th June 2022

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