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Our Supplier Network is for global mobility service providers who want to build stronger relationships with their clients. We are building a community of like-minded professionals who enjoy the opportunity to interact and learn from peers and specialists…

Why Join Supplier?

When you join the Supplier Network you will get to take advantage of all of our fantastic membership benefits and be able to meet and network with lots of other service providers and global mobility professionals.

There is so much to be gained by becoming an Expat Academy member and attending our training and networking events, but thats just for starters – to discover all the other fantastic benefits of joining our Supplier Network, please see below…

*Please note there is a one-off joining fee of £495

Join Supplier now

If you are a service provider in the Global Mobility sector then the Supplier Network is perfect for you...

£2495 plus VAT Join Now

Supplier Membership benefits

Supplier Network meetings

Receive two guaranteed places at two network meeting per annum to meet and share knowledge with peers and gain insights into latest trends and developments within the industry.

Trusted Supplier Directory

Two listings in the Expat Academy Trusted Supplier Directory.

GloMo Annual Training Pass

Receive four complimentary places to attend training courses and also get 50% off every other course booked for the team for 12 months. Choose from….

Essential Global Mobility

An introduction into global mobility jargon, acronyms and the assignment life cycle with an overview of the tax and immigration considerations when managing globally mobile employees.

Exclusive Training Course

Global Mobility Policies

Explore global mobility policy design and strategy and learn about appropriate options to achieve specific mobility goals within the context of competitive practice and current trends.

Exclusive Training Course

The Global Mobility Function

Expand your understanding of the complexities of an in-house Global Mobility professional’s role to allow better empathy to build mutually beneficial working relationships with your clients.

Exclusive Training Course

Presentation Skills

Equip you with the skills and tools to deliver effective presentations with confidence. It will also provide an awareness of cultural issues when presenting to international audiences.

Exclusive Training Course

Working Effectively across Cultures

Increase knowledge of cultural values, attitudes and their impact on international working and raise awareness of your own working preferences and communication style.

Exclusive Training Course

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