With economic pressures and challenges in attracting and retaining talent with the right skills at an all-time high, organisations are under pressure to manage risks and ensure they are relevant, resilient and responsive to employee needs.

However, Mercer Marsh Benefits People Risk 2022 research revealed that organisations are struggling to define who is responsible for owning mitigation efforts around their people risks. This can lead to gaps in threats being adequately addressed, including blind spots around diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), which ranked just 17th out of 25 risks facing employers – dropping significantly since last year.

This is a huge cause for concern, with low wage earners, women, minority and other vulnerable populations at risk of being most impacted at a time when having their employer’s support is critical.

In a recent webinar hosted by Commercial Risk and Mercer Marsh Benefits, industry experts from IEBA, SIRM, Marsh and Mercer Marsh Benefits discussed people risks, the associated threats, and the steps HR and Risk can take together to address them.

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