Not as bright as we’d like! Lagging flexible work options, inequities in domestic and caregiving responsibilities and persistent (and often unfounded) differences in their confidence levels are hampering women’s ability to thrive at work. We studied three populations of women to see how their participation in the future of work might look and considered what we need to do to fully unlock their participation and help them realize their potential. The headline underscores that without a concerted effort to change the trajectory, we will fail to embrace equity in the future of work for women. We will neglect to bring those lost to the workforce back into productive roles, we will struggle to ensure decision makers are not sitting in male-dominated offices, and we will fail to extend their working life in sustainable ways – critical to ensuring their financial future and closing pay and retirement gaps. With talent shortages and the rising importance of empathy and creativity (skills women bring in abundance), the enormous benefits that an equitable workplace brings for all are a clear call for change.

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