Join Santa Fe Relocation on Wednesday 7th July at 1pm BST for an interactive discussion, and explore the direct and indirect areas of opportunity for optimising your Global Mobility programme effectiveness to deliver cost savings.

The session will be Hosted by John Rason, Global Head of Consulting at Santa Fe Relocation and Selina Jones-May, HR leader, Global mobility, benefits and people projects


Why is optimisation of Global Mobility programme costs critical?

+ The three direct areas and the indirect cost areas to assess cost optimisation opportunities.

+ Investment or cost?

+ Looking at the whole picture and not the pieces.

What can possibly go wrong? Indirect cost can be significant.

+ Case study a real-life example of how a poorly managed international work arrangement can fail (and the indirect cost of this can be spectacularly bad for the organisation.

Open discussion

+ The Facilitators will address any questions or themes you wish to explore.

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