This is session 3 of a series of 6 interactive workshops taking place during 2021. The series is facilitated by Moore Kingston Smith for a small group of GM leaders to share thoughts and experiences and provide practical guidance in terms of designing strategy and selling it to the leadership team. 

The session will focus on the essential components of ensuring a good global mobility strategy in contrast to the faulty thinking and risks behind a bad strategy.

You will learn how you can individually develop your ability to ‘think like a strategist’ and effectively communicate emerging themes within global mobility to your stakeholders, such as the differing approaches to resourcing, diversity and inclusion and sustainability. Ultimately providing strategic advice to influence their decision making.


We will provide practical solutions to building a winning strategy while sharing ideas on implementation. We will cover: 

·     Making sense of organisational and functional strategy

·     How to evaluate the practical application of various analytical tools

·     The importance of understanding how your organisation gets things done. 

Pre and post session content will be provided, including information on analytical tools to ensure these sessions are practically useful to you and your organisation. 

Due to popular demand, we are running this session twice.Please note attendance is by invitation only. Please get in contact via the inbox for more information 


Content Expires on 24th June 2021