As nationwide lockdowns swept through Europe and Asia in February and March of 2020, companies quickly switched employees to remote working. Now countries in Western Europe and East Asia are slowly returning to normality, and employers face an important decision about where employees work. Should employees continue working remotely, or should they get back to the office? While most companies adopted a short term hybrid strategy, how can they permanently resolve the post?

The Covid conundrum will shape employee benefits for a generation. But how exactly does remote working affect employee benefits? Can the physical location of an employee make such a difference to employee benefits? And why offering employee benefits is important for you as an employer?

In this article, we answer these questions to make sure you are prepared for the future of employee benefits in light of Covid?19 and the shift to remote working practices. This article covers:

• How to match employee benefits and remote work

• Changing employee benefits priorities

•3 ways to match employee benefits and remote working

• What employee benefits should you offer?

• How to overcome employee benefits and remote work challenges

• How business leaders are increasing employee benefits and rewards