This report provides Insights on the skills companies expect to be most and least important to them over the next three years. As the Great Resignation continues in full force and organizations everywhere struggle to recruit and retain the talent they need, it is more critical than ever that companies understand the skills that deliver the greatest value to the business today and tomorrow. This knowledge should not only guide the talent to choose to bring into your organization, it also drives targeted skills development of your current workforce. Amid significant business transformation that frequently is driven by technology and digitization, our research indicates employers are placing premium importance on non-technical skills like Developing People and Collaboration. Alarmingly, many of the skills identified as most important are also skills for which employers are least confident in developing. This report aims to help bridge that gap, providing organizations with the wider market knowledge they need to make informed decisions around skills assessment, career development and workforce transformation. Nearly 200 companies from various industry sectors participated in Mercer’s Future Skills Survey, conducted in partnership with Crunchr. Skills were assessed across a range of categories, including technological and innovative, commercial, personality and collaborative. The report provides detailed information on the following: • The types of skills that participating companies value most • The skills organizations expect to be the most important over the next three years • Companies’ confidence that they will be able to meet expected skills needs over the next three years • Employer perspectives on skills that are particularly susceptible to automation

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