This report provides insights on the jobs companies expect to be most important to them over the next three years as well as detailed information around how work is expected to change in the future for each job family. 118 companies from various industry sectors participated in Mercer’s Future Jobs Survey, conducted in partnership with Crunchr. The survey assessed jobs under various categories, including commercial, corporate/administration/data and technology. Of particular note, the survey found that jobs related to data and technology are expected to be a crucial focus for businesses over the next three years. The report also highlights the most important and hardest to recruit jobs over the next three years, in addition to identifying jobs that are evolving at the fastest pace and which ones are at highest risk of being impacted by automation. The Future Jobs Survey Report provides information on the following: • The job categories participating organizations value most • The roles employers expect to be the most and least in demand over the next three years • The level of confidence among companies that they will be able to meet expected needs over the next three years for each job through workforce planning • Employer expectations around work and workforce transformation in the future across different job families • The job families companies view as evolving fastest • Job families employers consider to be at greatest risk from automation • Roles that companies think will need to be recruited externally because talent pools are lacking in-house

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