Learnin’ in the Rain

Expat Academy Learnin' in the Rain

Whilst a deluge of rain hit the streets outside, a torrent of learning was taking place at the Bite Size Briefing.  With a huge mix of topics, there was something for everyone on the agenda, albeit the latest updates on UK Immigration policy and employment law, linking talent and mobility, managing mental health in the workplace and using technology to enable flexible mobility packages.

First up was Ben Sheldrick from Magrath Sheldrick who harked back to his talk at this very event in December, stating that he would lose the will to go on should we get to June without a Brexit solution – and here we are! He proceeded to take us on a very informative whistle stop tour of Immigration, including impact of the Brexit impasse and rights of EU citizens in deal and no deal scenarios plus future plans for a new skills-based immigration system.  Good news for the GM professional in that The White Paper proposals promise a degree of streamlining and simplification.

We know from our benchmarking service and questions raised through the Huddles, that there is great interest in the synergies between talent management and global mobility. Cartus helped us to explore some tactical and specific ways in which organisations can use GM programmes in support of talent.  The spotlight on this topic was only reinforced by AIRINC’s Mobility Outlook Survey which revealed it to be one of GM’s top three priorities for the upcoming year – with the other two being employee experience and streamlining admin.  Heads continued to nod when it came to looking at top policies, with increased focus on commuters and business travellers.

Other themes amongst the Networks are in the area of flexibility – a recurring hot topic, with the pros and cons of flexible packages being debated regularly – and the new buzz on the block relates to mental health amongst assignees.  It was rather apt, therefore to see both on the agenda.  Bupa Global were on hand to highlight ways to identify mental health in the workplace and strategies for engaging employees in this topic.  Very engaging, promoting much food for thought.  MoveAssist provided a different perspective on flexibility, prompting us to think about it in terms of delivery and how technology can help with assignment identification, initiation, reporting and analytics.

The final and very welcome update of the day was provided by Squire Patton Boggs on employment law challenges in the UK and other countries which have new rules and laws impacting employment and assignment contracts and handbooks. Again, much scribbling took place with some actions, no doubt, being taken back to the office.

Remember, all of these invaluable presentations and the details contained within are available to members for downloading from the vault.  If that wasn’t enough, with the launch of MyGMPD, all those who attended this event receive points for learning which all help towards your professional development accreditation. For more information on how to register for your new member benefit, click here.

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