Latest Pulse Survey results are in – who thought less would be more?

Expat Academy Latest Pulse Survey results are in - who thought less would be more? The first Expat Academy Pulse Survey of 2020 was all about New Year Global Mobility aims and aspirations for 2020. There were 3 short, sharp questions to focus the mind and see what is top of the priority list for Global Mobility teams around the globe.

What one objective are you setting you and your Global Mobility team for 2020 that you would most like to achieve?

There were certainly some common themes from the respondents including new policy implementations and process streamlining, working more closely with the business leaders to become truly valued partners that can help them take the business forward and improving the employee experience. These are all themes that were raised at our Symposium and Club 100 Huddles at the beginning of the year. Interestingly many companies are looking at ways to improve the employee experience but without increasing cost, or certainly keeping cost to an absolute minimum. It is always great to hear the creative ideas our members come up with at our events.

What one thing would you like to change for your assignees for 2020?

Global Mobility is multi-faceted and by the very nature there are many different areas that affect an assignee. However, the most common themes included improving assignee communication. This theme also came out during our first Symposium Huddle of the year when one of our members highlighted a project where they had done just that and reduced communication to the assignee by two thirds. Another theme from the responses was around improving the assignee experience. Interestingly, there was also a theme around making policies more flexible but with the flexibility being business driven as opposed to assignee driven. We have certainly seen increased discussion around core-flex policies and unlike before, where many of these policies failed due to the massive increase in administration, this time the policies are being supported by tech solutions that reduce the administrative burden and provide greater transparency.

What one objective would you like to set for yourself for 2020 that you would most like to achieve?

Whilst some respondents had objectives around process streamlining and alignment, others really wanted to increase their personal GM knowledge as well as raise the Global Mobility brand within the organisation so that GM could be seen as an enabler rather than a compliance blocker. Thereby ensuring the business could see the value of GM. We have seen this right from the start of MyGMPD, back in May 2019, with a number of our members registering their teams so that they continue their personal professional development and be recognised for the expertise that they hold.

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