It’s Groundhog Day……..again…….

Expat Academy It's Groundhog Day........again.......

We were so hopeful that our final Symposium Huddle of the year might afford us the chance to talk in certain terms and make concrete plans for our programmes and assignees.  Alas, it proved to be more a case of Groundhog Day!

With the shadow of Brexit still looming, that did not stop 40+ GM professionals from gathering and collaborating on a number of hot and common topics.  GM and its influence and support of sustainability initiatives proved to be a relevant and thought provoking conversation starter. Virtual destination services, energy savings, ‘green’ modes of transport and transparent printing costs were just a few of the ideas shared.

Partnerships are a massive feature of the Huddle success and we were thrilled to welcome Charlotte Wills from Fragomen and Iain McCluskey of PwC to the floor.  With the ongoing political uncertainties, Charlotte gave us some practical tips on work that GM teams can be undertaking in readiness for the new immigration system in January 2021.  Iain’s insights and predictions around the upcoming election caused quite a stir, whilst the economic implications of Brexit got us thinking about what this means in real terms for GM teams, from automation to outsourcing considerations.

The customary table discussions that occurred throughout the day took us in several directions from shadow payroll to Posted Workers Directive to international working from home approaches to assignment management systems.  As ever, our Network Sponsors were on hand with technical input and there were many thoughts to take away and pass off as your own!

Learning from other corporate members and hearing about their successes and headaches is always a winner. Big thanks to Ezeibe Agomo for sharing his experiences around the growth of Equinix and efforts in process efficiency and consultation.  Likewise, to Catey Palmer for walking us through the work of the Mott Macdonald team in the areas of cost and finance, consistency and visibility.

We meet again on 7th January, by which time a General Election and Christmas will have occurred.  Come and join us for more debate and information. Groundhogs not welcome.

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