Insights for the future

Expat Academy Insights for the future In the absence of a crystal ball, planning ahead with so much political uncertainty is challenging.  So, Iain McCluskey’s insights and predictions for the future political landscape and likely Brexit outcomes gave welcome food for thought at our last Club 100 Huddle of the year.  In particular, the implications for Global Mobility in a post-Brexit Britain such as a potential increase in mergers and takeovers that have been suppressed during uncertain times which would undoubtedly create challenges. As well as potential lack of cheap labour from the EU which could see industry looking to technology and automation for solutions.

Thankfully some challenges are easier to find answers to and learning from other members with similar issues and headaches is always time well spent. There were lively and productive table discussions around remote workers, the posted worker directive, data storage and the move to reduce GMs carbon footprint. The network also took some time to look more proactively at their visions for GM and how to promote their role as trusted advisors to the business to maximise involvement from the outset.

The day ended with an immigration update from Marc Smith and Sergey Petrov from Newland Chase offering further clarification around obtaining Settled and Pre-Settled Status for both UK and EU nationals.

Don’t miss the next opportunity to get updated on the latest trends and insights at the Club 100 Huddle on 9th January 2020.

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