Group Move planning: Top things to consider!

What makes a Group Move special?

While aligning support with the reason for the move is the norm for employee mobility programs, it is reinforced in a Group Move because there are more options to consider. One differentiator between a Group Move scenario and an individual relocation is that, in a Group Move, employees may or may not be asked to move.

Expat Academy Group Move planning: Top things to consider!  Employees not asked to move may be asked to stay for a certain period. And employees asked to move may opt to leave the company instead, but asked to stay for a certain period – or not.

If the reason for the move is a facility closure or relocation, employees may have fewer alternatives to stay than if the move is the result of a start-up operation – where employees may have the choice to “opt in.” For international moves, there are a number of considerations; but right up front regulatory considerations may determine the ability to move.

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