GMPD – Opening Eyes and Enhancing Careers

Expat Academy GMPD – Opening Eyes and Enhancing Careers We’ve been hearing how GMPD is an excellent tool for global teams, restructured teams and motivating teams but it is also proving to be quite the career enhancer for many, many individuals too.  Gina, Global Mobility Vendor Specialist at ABC Financial Services and GMPD Believer*, is a perfect example of this (*our actual interviewee must remain anonymous due to her company communications policy so let’s just call her Gina (our relatable colleague who we all know and love)).

Gina stands out as being a bit of a star learner for her breadth of learning. She is arguably using the GMPD programme as originally intended – touching upon a wide selection of content from a number of different Subject Matter Experts, alternating her method of learning between reading, listening to webinars and attending virtual training events, all of which carry varying amounts of learning points.  The reality is that we have learners of many levels with different training needs, based in a multitude of locations and with variable time allowances. And the programme responds to this.  Some can spare just an hour a fortnight, others are furloughed and have a block of time which they are able to use towards an intensive learning programme.  Flexibility is key. Fortunately, there is no hard and fast rule about how you use the GMPD programme. The whole notion is that it is self-directed, so you can adapt it to your style and your needs.  If you want a Global Mobility overview, then great, but if you prefer to hone into a particular subject area or use it to fill a particular knowledge gap then you can do that too.

As for Gina’s success, soon after joining the Global Mobility world, it became apparent to her that there was little professional training from which she could learn and grow. Undoubtedly, like many of us, Gina was learning from the job but there was no technical recognition for progressing her career. With an MBA on her wish list but no easy feat and a tax qualification up for grabs but perhaps a little too specialised, what she was really looking for was something that highlights her Global Mobility expertise. Cue GMPD.

From a user perspective, Gina is liking how you can pick and choose topics that are relevant to you and she has enjoyed a large number of reading articles and recordings.  Whilst immigration doesn’t fall into her job spec, she wants to know about it.  Gina has taken a critical look at the spare time she has got and knows that every Friday she will try and dedicate one hour to GMPD learning. She takes a look at what content is newly uploaded, she uses the GMPD newsletter for prompts on the most recent articles and she knows that GMPD will help to keep her up to date on trends in the market.

On a practical level, there have been occasions where Gina has had a technical query and she has used GMPD to search for any relevant information. In turn, any snippets picked up via GMPD enables good knowledge sharing within her team.  What’s more, Gina credits GMPD, not just for the obvious knowledge boost but also for helping to change behaviours. For example, she attended Expat Academy’s Influencing and Persuading course and believes that this caused her to change the way that she works and how she prioritises her workload. The short GMPD Learning Logs that she has written after each piece of learning allow her to reflect on and capture such improvements.  Additionally, Gina says that her reading of some GMPD white papers, on technology or supplier engagement for instance, have caused her to challenge certain practices and credit due. As she concludes: “there are a few things that have opened my eyes and wouldn’t have done without the content available”.

Expat Academy GMPD – Opening Eyes and Enhancing Careers

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