GMPD and The Aviva Team: The greatest tool at the right time

Expat Academy GMPD and The Aviva Team:  The greatest tool at the right time With MyGMPD recently celebrating its first birthday and scores of members immersed in the learning that it offers, this is the perfect time to profile some of our more active members, recognise their great efforts and highlight why they are GMPD Believers.  This month we see the Aviva team explain why, for them, MyGMPD is “the greatest tool (they) could have received at just the right time”.

Following an organisational change process, it was vital for the Aviva UK domestic team to acquire fundamental Global Mobility knowledge quickly in order to be able to blend their administration roles with global consulting roles.  Working from an “Essentials” training list, the team were able to use GMPD to acquire a solid understanding of Global Mobility, covering the basic principles of the assignment life cycle, tax and immigration concepts.  Global Mobility Manager, Chris, was keen to give his team a taste for the “lingo” and the complexity of Global Mobility, not only to enable them to hit the ground running but also with a view to aiding internal succession planning at a later stage.

The team themselves have found GMPD to “touch so many aspects of Global Mobility” and “fill our knowledge gaps”. Both Jade and Nicola felt they were picking up work without necessarily understanding it, but by following the Essential Global Mobility course and accessing other GMPD learning content, they have been able to do their jobs with confidence and understand the ins and outs and whys and wherefores of different policy types.  Team Leader, Kamila, explains that as well as knowledge building, GMPD has also served to widen their horizons.

The exact learning methods and content accessed differs across the board – and therein lies the beauty of GMPD. Nicola has been enjoying the white papers and wants to know more about tax, taking screenshots as she learns and using the GMPD newsletter as a guide to new content. Jade finds herself drawn to the webinars and particular immigration articles, appreciating the ability to learn undisturbed.  For Kamila, MyGMPD has given her a real confidence boost since returning from maternity leave in the midst of a changing team and helping to cement her underlying knowledge. Even “veteran” Chris, finds there is always a little nugget to learn, take away and apply.

As a group, GMPD is an ongoing topic of conversation and incorporated into their working week. It features in the team’s personal goals, is a regular agenda item in their 1-1s, interesting content is shared and discussed and learning points are encouraged.  Chris has written into the team’s role profiles the requirement for a GMPD accreditation or similar and rather than the usual 12-month learning cycle, he has tasked the team with reaching their accreditation in half the time.  With Global Head, Viv, also celebrating individual GMPD successes, it has been absolutely brilliant to see how integral GMPD has been to the development and “oomph” (as one of them put it) of this team.

Expat Academy GMPD and The Aviva Team:  The greatest tool at the right time


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