Global Workforce Colloquium


Expat Academy Global Workforce Colloquium  Trailblazer is apparently a retro word! Who knew?! But it felt like our Global Workforce Colloquium yesterday was a bit of a trailblazer with so much to see and participate in! From need-to-know immigration, tax, talent, and employment law updates to fantastic discussions and tech demos – we had it all!

And of course, none of that matters without the attendance of 200 people! When you start something new, you never know for sure if it will be a success and if so, how much of one. However, we are blown away by the way in which our members and partners believed in the concept, voted with their feet (in a good way!), and the response we’ve had since.

Thank you to all members and partners involved and look out for more of a write-up in this week’s Expat Academy Round-up.

Until next time!

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