Up for Change

Up For Change focuses on improving individual, team and organisational performance, through improving the quality of conversations and collaboration.  Up For Change provides practical solutions via 1:1 executive and team coaching, leadership and management development programmes and culture change interventions.

Expat Academy Up for Change  “Debbie builds very strong relationships with her clients by providing open, direct and honest feedback in a way that allows people to identify and build on their strengths and personal growth needs. Her approach when working with people is both methodical and thorough, providing the right balance between challenge and support.” Sales Director

” Debbie is hugely experienced and professional but so are many others. What makes her special is the way she works with teams and individuals. The impact is profound. People love working with her… want to learn… and their personal effectiveness increases as a result. That made Up for Change an excellent investment in the performance of my organisation.” CEO

“It is rare to come across a standout trainer and coach like Debbie whom within the first day of working together shifted my perceptions. Debbie has exceptional qualities when it comes to engaging with a broad range of people of varying backgrounds – she is inspiring, motivating, consistent and reliable. Our work together is delivering tangible results and after every coaching session I have clarity, feel motivated and
then go on to create impact.” Brand & Marketing Director

“I’m definitely seeing and feeling the benefit of you working with us even more during lockdown.” CEO

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