Tracker Software Technologies

As businesses reframe their future in today’s evolving landscape, critical data and intelligence is essential to prioritising the safety and compliance of all employees. Tracker Software offers a suite of solutions to safeguard the return to business travel, as well as implement a remote working strategy for your company.

The Pre-Trip Assessment tool supports compliant and safe travel decision-making prior to a trip being taken and is a key step in helping organisations to move away from the reactive tracking of mobile employees. For some organisations, post-trip compliance administration  is a better cultural fit and is an alternative model in the tool. Assessments include tax, immigration, social security, payroll, Posted Worker, PE alerts and more.

Remote Worker request features will allow employers to offer all talent a fair and equal chance to ‘Work From Anywhere’ in a safe and compliant fashion, while adhering to the Remote Working policy. Remote Worker features also include locators, personal health and safety captures such as health questionnaires and day tracking to ensure employees don’t outstay their welcome, or exceed allowances.

Contact us today for a discussion as to how we can help you navigate complex compliance environments in a post-COVID world.Expat Academy Tracker Software Technologies

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