Mehibe is a highly skilled and experienced coach who specialises in building confidence and a stronger mindset and promoting wellbeing to support change and transition in both personal and professional spheres. Her coaching style is balanced with compassion and challenge, which can be a powerful combination for helping individuals achieve their goals and overcome obstacles. Mehibe offers coaching services to individuals privately; teams and individuals within organisations; and leads tailored corporate Wellbeing programs to support greater happiness levels in their people.

Mehibe has a strong background in Global Mobility, having worked as the Director of Client Services in a large global corporate immigration firm, and she has extensive experience supporting Global Mobility teams and leading HR compliance-related projects. This expertise allows her to offer coaching services that are tailored specifically to the needs of Global Mobility, HR professionals, and assignees who are navigating the challenges of relocation. Her holistic approach takes into account the importance of a healthy mindset, robust business and career planning, and proactively managing wellbeing of the wider family when it comes to successful relocations. This balance is incredibly valuable for individuals and organisations alike leading to a higher return on investment for both the business and the employee.

Overall, Mehibe offers a wealth of experience and knowledge, as well as showing true compassion and care for her clients’ needs. Whether you are a Global Mobility professional seeking to build your confidence, improve your soft skills in communications, management and leadership or you’re seeking support to understand a career path that is fulfilling your purpose, Mehibe can support you. If you’re an organisation looking to support the success of your Global Mobility teams and/or assignees at any point of the relocation process, Mehibe is available to support you in a comprehensive and human way. If you’re interested in learning more about Mehibe or her coaching services, you can visit her website at

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