Nicholson Coaching

Expat Academy Nicholson Coaching  An international speaker and transition success coach with multiple coaching certifications and countless global client-facing roles, Charlotte Nicholson is an expert in helping individuals and teams thrive during transitions. Her previous work as a recruiter and human resources leader, along with her lived expat experience spanning three continents and six countries, offers her unique insight into the impact of transition and change on leaders along with their teams and families. Charlotte has worked with and spoken to various A-level teams around the globe, including Shell, Etihad Airways, Amgen,  Thermo Fisher and Bosch, among others, equipping them with the tools they need to not only survive disruption but rise above it.

Example of Projects:

  • Leadership development day trainings on resilience, coaching skills, change management and energy management
  • Company training on confidently overcoming change and uncertainty, self-awareness and emotional intelligence 
  • International school parents association webinars on the expat roadmap and the stages of adjustment when navigating a move abroad with confidence.

What clients have said: 

???? “Charlotte helped me enormously with a transition I was going through, which was pretty daunting for me both in terms of my own mindset (needing to embrace rather than fear the change) and with her help, I nailed it!” ~Julia F, Director of Skills for the Future

????”Charlotte is an incredible coach with great empathy and passion, she is so credible & I enjoy working with her on so many levels.”~Fatma A, Head of HR

???? “Charlotte has a way of cutting through the over-story that I get lost in to bring the heart of the issue to light. She helps me look at and address critical pieces that I have used to empower myself going forwards.”~Megan W. International Director

????“A great navigational guide who got me where I needed to be.” ~Jackie B, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager  

????“Charlotte is equal part strategist, thought provoker and cheerleader.” Francka S. – Expat Spouse

????“Charlotte is an exceptional coach, mentor, presenter and facilitator.” Andrew S. VP Learning and development

????“I would absolutely recommend Charlotte’s coaching & training to others. Not only does Charlotte make it fun, but her enthusiasm is also contagious.” Patrick M. Head of Global HR

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